Transformational teachings from David J. Coon

Qigong and Eckart Tolle’s Pain Body Teachings

Eckart Tolle is not my guru. Having said that I am a fan and a "friend."   I will be posting more of his videos and teachings here because we have something in common. Aside from the obvious both of us being spiritual teachers and so forth - both of us emphasize this...

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Qigong and the Pain Body

Beneath the physical body, there is an emotional body or what Modern Day spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle #eckarttolle calls the pain body. The #painbody or what has been called the emotional body by many masters and healers for at least a few thousand years sits...

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Medical Qigong for Healing: Part Three

Qigong in the Time of COVID-19 Medical qigong practices are prescribed for many different health conditions. Standing tree meditation is an excellent practice for overall health and well-being with few contraindications. If someone gets dizzy easily standing tree...

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Medical Qigong for Healing: Part Two

A Medical Qigong Primer Medical qigong treatment is usually offered to others for healing by skilled qigong practitioners. Although there is quite a bit of theory associated with the practice, there is also quite a lot of personal practice required by the...

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Medical Qigong for Healing: Part One

Medical Qigong for Healing  Medical qigong is being hailed around the world as a miracle medicine and a potent form of qigong. It has roots in ancient qigong dating back 5000 years. Medical qigong is the father of the more modern acupuncture. Medical qigong became a...

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Qigong Healing for Back Pain

Qigong Healing For Back Pain When I was twelve years old, I was run over by a trailer on a farm. It ran over the entire right side of my body from my leg up to my lower back and over my right shoulder. The trailer was being pulled by a Jeep and I was on the hayride...

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Chi – Qigong for Fitness, Health and Vitality

Chi Based Fitness Chi? “God bless you. Oh, I thought you sneezed.” No, I said Chi. Chi is like universal energy. It is all around us. We breathe it. We take in through our pores. It is electromagnetic and it runs in, around and through our bodies. The ancient art of...

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Qigong: my New Year’s Resolution

Time For New Year's Resolutions! Getting in shape is not just about the physical body. It's not just about what you can or cannot eat. It is about your whole life. Most people tend to look at everything in their life as separate. Their job is separate from their other...

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Qigong For Mental Clarity, Longevity and Healing

Qigong traditionally means the skilled cultivation of Universal Life Force or Chi. Energy surrounds us, permeates us and the universe in which we live. Practicing Qigong in the park is quite wonderful and yet mastering Qigong goes into every aspect of your life. This...

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