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Which Is Better? Tai Chi or Qigong?

In this post we discuss: How are Tai Chi and Qigong similar? What makes them different? Which one is better? Which is older, Tai Chi or Qigong? What Is The Difference between "Qi" in Qigong and "Chi" Tai Chi? What about yoga? Does it have any similarities with Qigong...

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Qigong for Beginners: A Complete Guide

In this post we discuss: What is Qigong? What is Medical Qigong? Is Qigong good for you? What are the benefits? What’s the difference between Qigong and Tai-chi or yoga? How do you practice Qigong? Who should not do Qigong? Where do I start? What is Qigong? Qigong...

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What is Qigong? What are the Benefits?

What is Qigong? Qigong literally translated means “skilled cultivation of Universal Life Force (Chi)”. Universal Life Force can be thought of as energy and it is all around us. Qigong is the practice of gathering that energy and harnessing it for greater health and...

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21 Day Qigong Challenge

21 Day Qigong Challenge This 21 Day Qigong Challenge is for all levels from beginner to advance students. This program will help to make positive changes in your life by creating a new habit. There is a process required to change one's bad habits and replace them with...

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What’s Qigong Good For? Can you lose weight?

What is Qigong good for? Qigong is good for numerous things! Qigong benefits both physical and mental health. It also can improve spiritual connection. Through Qigong Exercise, greater awareness and connection is inevitable. Qigong is also a wonderful way to connect...

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Does Qigong Really Work?

Does Qigong really work? Yes, Qigong has been practiced for over 4000 years for Qi cultivation and balance. People are drawn to Qigong for self-healing, for healing for their loved ones, for relaxation, for preventative medicine, for meditation, for stress relief, for...

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