Which Is Better? Tai Chi or Qigong?

Which is better? Tai Chi or Qigong? Tai Chi Chuan is actually a form of Qigong. So, it’s like saying, is spaghetti better than Italian food? Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong are both forms of meditative exercise movement that have a focus on breathing. They are both excellent for stress reduction and for longevity. In fact, both are beneficial for overall health, well-being, and weight loss.

Tai Chui Chuan differs from Qigong Exercise Classes in that Tai Chi Chuan is focused on one long or short form that tends to be at least half of a one-hour class. The other half of a Tai Chi Chuan class tends to be Qigong Exercises or a breakdown of some of the Tai Chi exercises you will learn in a Tai Chi Form. Qigong Exercise Classes focus on developing the Universal Life Force called Qi more so than in a Tai Chi Class. However, many Tai Chi classes incorporate 10-30 minutes of Qigong to prepare before the Tai Chi Chuan form practice. Photograph of a Qigong Awareness Qigong Worskhop in West Palm Beach, FL

Tai Chi Chuan emphasizes a continuous form, whereas Qigong Exercise revolves around individual exercises that are prescriptive in nature and are performed within your space (Tai Chi Chuan requires a large room to complete the whole form). I personally recommend both Tai Chi Chuan and Qigong Exercise Classes.

What Is The Difference Between Qi and Chi?

What is the difference between Qi and Chi? There is no difference between Qi and Chi. With translating from Chinese to English, there are different versions. These are the two versions most used in the USA. They are pronounced the same “chee” whether it is spelled Qi or Chi. Both also have the same meaning of “energy,” no matter which version.  If you have ever seen the word Ki, that also has the same meaning as Qi or Chi; however, the word Ki originates from Korea instead of China.

How Many Calories Do You Burn Doing Qigong?

How many calories do you burn doing Qigong? Adults will burn between 225-300 calories for an hour of Qigong Exercise Practice. Similar to a casual walking pace for one hour, an adult will burn 210-360 calories. Plus, with Qigong Exercise Practice, you will also benefit from an increase in energy cultivation, stress reduction, anxiety reduction, longevity, vitality, and boosting the immune system. Qigong is also a very low-impact exercise, benefitting the joints rather than causing further stress.