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With Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, Licensed Acupuncturist

Specializing in Women’s Health Issues


Acupuncturist & President

Tanya obtained her Masters in Oriental Medicine Degree in 1999 from The Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. She also holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. She is a Nationally Certified Acupuncturist by the NCCAOM and holds a state license in North Carolina by the NCALB. She is currently the President and Co-Founder of Qigong Awarness, LLC, providing continuing education courses and certification programs to Acupuncturists & Massage Therapists.

Tanya has been a licensed Acupuncturist for over two decades. She is known for her gentle yet effective needling technique that she has developed over the years. She offers continuing education courses to Acupuncturists, instructing them in her special techniques. She also taught Massage Therapy, Anatomy, and Tai Chi in Southern California before becoming an Acupuncturist.

Tanya has a very diverse background in many forms of healing. Tanya’s healing journey began at seven years old after a car accident where she suffered severe whiplash. She found relief through the years from Acupuncture, Massage, Polarity, Medical Qigong, Tai Chi, and Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Tanya pulls from her many years of training in Acupuncture, Auricular Therapy, Moxibustion, Cupping, Energetic Grounding, Polarity, Toning, Medical Qigong, Tai-Chi, Feng Shui, Royal Order, Holographic Repatterning and ties it all together with her compassionate and intuitive approach to the healing of the mind, body, and spirit.

Whether you are looking for guidance, grief support, relief from chronic pain, neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches, migraines, fertility support, digestive support, menstrual pain, female issues, anxiety, or elimination issues, Tanya is holding a safe and supportive space for you to begin healing.

Tanya resides near the ocean in Wilmington, NC, with her husband and daughter. She is currently offering Distance Acupuncture & Intuitive Healing Sessions via phone.

Services Offered

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During an intuitive healing session with Tanya, she will begin by listening to any special requests you have for physical, mental, relationship, career, financial, or spiritual healing. Tanya will then scan your energy system for any blockages or deficiencies that are surfacing for transformation.

Tanya incorporates applied kinesiology muscle checking to confirm patterns, both unconscious and conscious, that are ready to be transformed. She will gently assist you in transforming past lives and generational patterns. 

Tanya specializes in transforming past lives – unwanted unconscious patterns and trauma from the past. These patterns hold a negative resonance in the body and the body’s energy systems. By bringing to light what is most important for you to know now about the past lifetimes and discovering what your unmet needs were from each lifetime, then transformation can occur. Tanya has a gentle approach to uncovering these past lives and thereby transforming these “tears of time”.  

Tanya utilizes Distance Acupuncture, Distance Moxabustion, Sound Healing, Energy Healing, and Medical Qigong as the healing modalities to transform the unconscious and conscious patterns. 

Tanya also incorporates Past Life Clearings, Royal Order, and Herbal Therapy. Each session is unique. Clients will often feel a greater sense of well-being: relief from aches and pains, calmness, a more positive outlook on life, greater happiness, profound gratitude, and more…

To Book an Intuitive Healing Session, please contact Tanya directly at 910-833-8036 or  [email protected]

Intuitive Healing Session – 75 min. – $300


Gentle Moon Acupuncture is located inside the beautiful Body Aligned Pilates Studio in Wilmington, NC. Our treatment room is designed to create a comforting and peaceful environment for your treatments. We are conveniently located on Wrightsville Ave, so you can easily stop into your Acupuncture Session. Free Parking right in front.

To Book an Acupuncture Session in Wilmington, NC please contact Tanya directly at 910-833-8036 or [email protected]

Acupuncture Session – 1 hr. – $150

Initial Acupuncture Session – 75 min. – $175

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Royal Order is similar to Feng Shui with an emphasis on creating a life with Pristine Presence & Spaciousness. Tanya offers consultations for business and/or home.  

Royal Order for your place of business is important to bring greater flow and prosperity to you, your business, and your community. Did you know that there are certain areas of your physical space that, if transformed, can give you greater energy, time, and abundance? Tanya will help you to identify the areas that most need attention for you to reach your business goals.

Royal Order for your home will bring greater presence and balance into your life. Tanya will often create a plan for you with De-Cluttering instructions followed by Down-Sizing and re-purposing areas of the home or business. In our highly technological world, virtual clutter may also be addressed. 

Tanya will help you to have a clear plan to create a life with greater Royal Order, thus providing you a framework for greater balance, clarity, and happiness. 

To Book a Royal Order Session, please contact Tanya directly at 910-833-8036


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lively, professional, and easy to understand

I found Tanya's Distance Acupuncture course to be even more than I
anticipated. It has not only helped with suggestions for new patients but
shown me a new skill set that I wish to pursue. The instructor was lively,
professional, and easy to understand. Thank you.

Lynne Cannisi, LAc – Florida December 4, 2020

Professor Neil R. Gumenick, M.Ac. (UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. shares after taking Distance Acupuncture Online Course by Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, M.O.M. LAc., Dipl.Ac.

Clear, concise, easy to follow

Student Shares after completing Distance Acupuncture Online 2 CEU Course

“Tanya Coon's Distance Acupuncture Course was clear, concise, easy to

Professor Neil R. Gumenick, M.Ac. (UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. - Santa Monica, CA

Neil R. Gumenick, M.Ac. (UK), L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., - Santa Monica, CA December 4, 2020

Dr Dia Vickery

Thoroughly enjoyable

“Tanya's Distance Acupuncture Course was thoroughly enjoyable. The
instructor balanced actionable steps with theory, allowing me to easily
incorporate this into my telehealth practice.”

Dr. Dia Vickery, DACM, LAc, Dipl. O.M.(NCCAOM) - Woodland Hills CA December 4, 2020

Nicole McIntyre Combined Acupuncture & Medical Qigong Session Healing Back Pain

My soul smiles…

My soul smiles and says thank you after every session with Tanya.

Nicole McIntyre, International Teacher - South Korea December 9, 2020


…I feel alive, vital, and empowered.

Tanya is a powerful, gentle, intuitive healer who puts her heart and soul into each and every session. She has helped me release old patterns and now I feel alive, vital, and empowered.

Barb Maiberger, MA, LPC - Author December 9, 2020

Spa oils displayed in bowls on a tray with flowers.

This course was creative and imaginative…

Student shares after completing Distance Acupuncture Online 2 CEU Course Part 2 with Instructor Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, LAc

This course was creative and imaginative and gave me some ideas about doing more intuitive and distance work.

Elaine Wagner, DC, LAC - Evanston IL

February 13, 2023






stomach distress


chronic fatigue

sports injuries

pre and post sports activity

pre and post-surgery

back pain

neck pain

menstrual issues

morning sickness

fertility issues




gynecological issues

mysterious illness

and more…

Incredible Sessions Testimonials

David Coon’s work has been of great benefit to me…

David Coon’s work has been of great benefit to me, both personally and professionally…Through his guidance, I have had a profound experience of energy surging through my body, which I describe as a river of energy that is difficult to put in words. I highly recommend David’s work to anyone seeking a life of greater health and well-being.

Bill Bergman, M.D., Director, Thrive Community Health December 8, 2019

David is a magic man!

David is a magic man!

Lisa Siciliano – Rock & Roll Photographer of The Stars December 8, 2019

…the most powerful work I have ever received.

My experience with David has been nothing short of amazing. The
work we have done together has been truly transformational… David’s [medical] intuitive, gentle but direct style of working
with energy has been the most powerful work I have ever received.

Dr. Angie, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine - Boulder, CO December 9, 2019

I was able to move beyond my grief…

I met David at a time of great grief, loss, and psychological turmoil. With wisdom and compassion, David helped me regain a sense of self, re-discover my inner strengths, and find a new sense of peace and self-confidence. I was able to move beyond my grief to establish a new life for myself, one that was far richer than anything I had ever imagined. With kindness, care, and sensitivity, David provided an atmosphere that allowed me to heal physically, psychologically, and spiritually.

Sandy H., Best-selling Author - Boulder, Colorado December 9, 2019

…fortunate enough to be taught, or treated by him personally.

I have known David Coon since we first met, many years ago, when
he was teaching an introductory class on energy and healing. I took an instant
liking to him, and his unusual level of personal energy and integrity. Since
then, I have had the honor of watching David, who was already a skilled
practitioner, fine tune and enhance his skills to a rather remarkable degree.

Among his many outstanding characteristics is his fierce
dedication and determination to not only being the best that he himself can be,
but to pass along the benefits of that intentional ethic to those fortunate
enough to be taught, or treated by him personally.
 For David, being good has never been
good enough. And, in my experience, it is quite unusual for a “healer,” of any
kind, to not only always set the highest standards for their work, but to
insist that they personally continuously reach for a level of attainment that
is ever higher than before.

David has always studied healing, consciousness, and the nature
of reality with outstanding diligence. Thus, he has come to know a great many
things about the physical and energetic worlds, both within this universe and
within each of us. So, if you are seeking someone
who is highly trained, and will always give you the very best that they have to
offer then David is one of the very best souls that you could ever work with.

Paul Solari, MA, LPC - Boulder, Colorado December 9, 2019

…instrumental in helping me win my first major golf tournament.

David Coon was instrumental in helping me win my first major golf tournament. Originally, I had gone to David to help me with my physical pain, which he did.  However, the techniques he taught me were not only helpful for that, but allowed me to increase my focus and mental capabilities to perform at much higher levels as an athlete… I continue to use these techniques many years later to improve myself in all aspects of my life.”

Gary B. - Boulder, Colorado December 9, 2019

helped me to heal my mind first, then my body followed.

I struggled with adrenal burnout for a year and a half before I saw David.  I thought he would heal my body, and he ultimately did, but what he really did was helped me to heal my mind first, then my body followed.  In only a few months, I am a completely different person.”

Karen S. - Boulder, Colorado December 9, 2019

I woke up the next day symptom free.

I was having an acute kidney infection with a high fever and after checking with my doctor, I went to see David.  He helped me.. see all the false beliefs that I was holding on to. (During The Session) …I let go of all the stories I had been telling myself with a great amount of laughter, I woke up the next day symptom free. Sent with love and gratitude!

December 9, 2019

…And that is a blissful experience!

David simply offers his presence so that whatever changes need
to happen within me can occur spontaneously. Now [Following the session] there
is no struggle, no duty, no restriction, and no resistance. Now there is simply
inner peace. David will never force any change but simply bring light to where
energy is stuck and allow it to move on its own from there. And that is a
blissful experience!

Christa Chilson, Thai Massage Therapist – Norman, Oklahoma December 9, 2019

I am many steps further down the path and have a better view of the landscape thanks to David.

“It seems to me that one of the truly great ironies of life is that most of us spend our days stumbling about in a dream-like state, seeking happiness and fulfillment in the external world, and never realizing that deep inner peace is not only readily within our grasp, but is actually the essence of who we truly are. Coming to this realization is the first step in waking up, but the question becomes, “what is preventing us from accessing our natural state?” Admittedly, the process of self realization must be a personal experience, but that does not mean that we cannot receive assistance and guidance from others.

I can say that Qigong and the teachings transmitted through
David Coon have truly helped me in the process of awakening, gaining better
health, and experiencing deeper and more profound moments of peace. I had
been doing Qigong of sorts before I met David, but the practice took on
dramatically new dimensions after I began studying with him.  While I
value all that I have learned and experienced during the group classes that I
attended, it was through my one-on-one encounters with David that I began to
really get glimpses of what Qigong and Qi flow are and a better sense of who “I
am” after the trappings of the projected me were removed.  

The experience is multi-faceted and difficult to explain.  On one level, imagine old blockages in your being beginning to
dislodge and surges of energy coursing through your body.  On another
level, imagine a series of “aha” moments clicking in your head in rapid
succession as certain pieces of the puzzle begin to fall into place.

If you are fortunate enough to have the opportunity, then you do
not need to rely on my words.  You can create your own experiences.
 David has the special ability to sense what an individual fundamentally
needs in order to achieve better health or peace of mind and then help the
person to fulfill those needs.

All along, he wants to self empower those who he helps.
 Whereas we cannot truly recreate the transmission that comes from a
one-on-one experience with David, we can avail ourselves to the tools and
practices that he provides and take the initiative to integrate them into our
daily lives.

David even helps in this process by being able to personalize the teachings and techniques to the individual to help facilitate what he calls “short cuts”.  My journey towards true inner peace still lies before me, but I feel like that I am many steps further down the path and have a better view of the landscape thanks to David.

Phil Chilson, Professor of Physics – Norman, Oklahoma December 9, 2019


Distance Acupuncture and Intuitive Healing are forms of alternative medicine and is in no way a replacement for Western Medical Treatment. We do not diagnose or treat health conditions. We rather support the body’s ability to heal itself. Please consult your physician regarding any health conditions.


Medical Qigong, Acupuncture and Intuitive Healing are forms of alternative medicine and are not a replacement for Western Medical Treatment. We do not diagnose or treat health conditions. We rather support the body's ability to heal itself. Please consult your physician regarding any health conditions.