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Medical Qigong Master David J. Coon has over thirty years

of experience in Qigong, Martial Arts, and Meditation.

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Qigong Exercise Videos

  • Video: Qigong for Beginners

    Qigong for Beginners is a 20 minute exercise video. You will learn the ancient healing practice from China called Qigong. In this instructional video you will learn the mindful movements, breathing and healing power of this 5000 year old practice.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong Challenge

    Qigong Challenge is a 40 minute exercise video. You will learn the ancient healing practice from China called Qigong. You will learn more challenging Qigong exercises, still poses, breathing techniques and use of sound to heal the body. This is an intermediate level practice.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong for Stress Reduction

    $ 7.99
    Qigong For Stress Reduction is a 20 minute Video with Medical Qigong Master, David J. Coon, who has over thirty years of experience in Qigong, Meditation and Martial Arts.This particular video is for reducing stress and detoxing and purging the harmful affects of daily stress upon the body. You will learn a specific Qigong exercise routine that is recommended to be practiced daily.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong For Weightloss

    $ 7.99
    Qigong for Weight Loss is a 20 minute exercise video. It is taught by David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master. In this video you will be introduced to the practices of Qigong for warming up the lower Dantien (lower abdomen). This internal heat stimulates Chi flow, thereby reducing stress and cravings. We recommend starting your day with this practice to increase metabolism and burns fat.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong for Chi Fitness

    $ 7.99
    Qigong For Chi Fitness is a 25 Minute Qigong Exercise Video. In this video there is no verbal instruction. It is common in Asia for a Master to teach without any verbal instruction. The teacher teaches silently. This gives you a chance to hear the proper breath. In this video David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master shows Qigong exercises in this traditional teaching fashion.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong For Energy

    $ 7.99
    Qigong For Energy is a 20 minute video taught by David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master. David demonstrates a variety of Qigong exercises to build and develop a potent and powerful energy. This video will energize you!Buy Video

Audio Downloads

Online Medical Qigong Training

Here is one of our many Youtube training videos available online for free.

David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master,
Head Instructor and Co-Founder
of Qigong Awareness, LLC.

Meet David J. Coon

Medical Qigong Master and Author

David is a Medical Qigong Master with over thirty years of experience facilitating healing for people using Medical Qigong. He is currently an accredited continuing education provider by the NCCAOM, Texas Medical Board, CE Broker, Florida State Board for Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, and California Acupuncture Board.

David is the author of Qigong For Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health & Vitality available on Lulu.com and Amazon.com. David has also been featured on KGNU radio programs, in newspapers around the country, and has published articles in Magazines including “Medical Qigong and Acupuncture, A Cutting Edge Combination,” featured in Acupuncture Today.

When David was fifteen years old he was diagnosed with a severe spinal disease and told that he would be crippled by the time he was thirty years old. Unwilling to accept this fate, David began intensively studying Oriental Medicine, Medical Qigong, Martial Arts and Meditation.

David learned how to cultivate and direct the energetic life force called Chi in Traditional Chinese Medicine. Through Qigong practice, David healed his spinal disease completely! David also found that his mood, his attitude, his outlook on life, and his intuition had all increased exponentially. He was drawn to teaching and sharing these healing practices and spiritual counsel with others.

David also has a vast Martial Arts background with Black Belts in Karate, Tae Kwon Do and Kenpo Karate. He has been an Instructor of Jeet Kune Do and Filipino Martial Arts. He has also studied Japanese Ju Jitsu, Kung Fu, Small Circle Ju Jitsu, Aikido, Chen Style Tai Chi, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Pen Jak Silat, Kendo and more..

David’s Qigong Practices are underpinned by his Psychology degree from the University of Connecticut and three years of experience as a Professional Counselor in Louisville,Colorado.  He also spent three years at the University of Colorado studying Molecular and Cellular Biology to better understand the inner workings of the body on a cellular and biochemical level.

He has taught and lectured around the country to both lay people and professionals about the healing power of Qigong. David’s Qigong practices are now being practiced around the world. They are simple, effective and can be practiced by anyone at any age.

Alongside of his busy traveling, writing and filming schedule David offers Private Retreats, Webinars, and Distance Healing Program in Wilmington, NC.