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Qigong Awareness Certification Students

Please email us at [email protected] to find out the current additional Certification Student discounts. There are more discounts available that are not listed here. You are eligible for these discounts if you are currently enrolled in any of our Level programs or if you are between level programs.

NCSAAM Members

NCSAAM Members save $25 on our Live CEU Webinars. Promo Code: NCSAAM25

NCSAAM Members save $25 on our Live CEU Worskhops. Promo Code: NCSAAM30


Students save $30 on our Live CEU Webinars and Live Workshops. Promo Code: STUDENT30


Special Offerings!

1. Veterans can use this discount on all 2021 Live CEU Webinars & Workshops. Here is the link to Live CEU Webinars: https://qigongawareness.com/live-ceu-webinars/. Please use this discount promo code at checkout. Promo Code: VETERANS30

2. Veterans can contact their local Veterans Association and request to have their certification programs with us paid for by Veterans Associations Federal or State Grants. Also many are using funds from the Veterans Associations Whole Health Program as well. We have a SAM.Gov registration and capability statement. Your local Veterans Association can find us under Dynamic Small Business Search.

Here is the info that your local Veterans Association will need.
Name of Firm: Qigong Awareness LLC
DUNS Number: 070738199
Phone Number: 720-254-1144
E-mail Address: [email protected]
Website QigongAwareness.com
Contact Person: Tanya Coon
CAGE Code: 8QVQ3

“Best CEU class I have ever taken! David’s knowledge and insight changed my life and fed my soul!”

Arlee Roman, LAC, Jupiter, FL