I am a Medical Qigong Master, Qigong Master Instructor and Martial Arts Master. I have over thirty years of experience in these different disciplines. I first became involved with these practices when I was fifteen years old following a bad accident that left me with a severe progressive spinal disease that the doctors said would cripple me.

I went out in search of healing. What I found not only blew my mind it healed my body. I began practicing many hours a day and I was obsessed with a Qigong habit that eventually healed my spine completely of the spinal disease. Not only that, it left me with a new outlook on life as well as some powerful healing gifts.

In my early twenties, I began experimenting with distance healing, seeing if I could affect loved ones, clients, bacteria, animals from a distance with my “healing power.” I was able to yield some very interesting results. In one experiment I was able to eradicate E Coli., a bacteria that was plated in a bacterial dish. I was able to eradicate parasitic worms in a dog’s intestines from several miles away. This was backed up by the vet’s lab results.

I was also able to significantly change a dog’s temperature from a distance who was in the vet’s office undergoing surgery and in a healing crisis bringing his temperature back to normal. In one case I was seemingly able to dissolve a bone in a dog’s intestine and this was backed up by the vet and before and after x-rays. In an interesting case with a rabbit, I was able to dissolve the pressure in a rabbit’s head which was causing the rabbit’s eye to protrude from its socket.

A woman with a tumor in her neck received long-distance healing from me and we were able to reduce the swelling enough that the surgeon postponed the surgery. Eventually, it was canceled permanently. I have been able to reduce high blood pressure from a distance and this has been backed up by various client’s blood pressure monitors. I have seemingly helped to stop both external and internal bleeding. There is no way to prove that, yet I have worked on several people like this with some very interesting results as well as animals.

The following video is a general long-distance healing experiment. It is not specific to an individual with a certain health issue and yet you may find that you can feel the Chi. It is, of course, a video that involves a degree of hypnotic suggestion that would not be there if the healing work was a silent transmission so keep that in mind. It is what it is. That is why I also throw in the experiments done with animals at a distance because if the suggestion was the only thing happening here then they would have not been affected.

Qigong Master Gives Free Long Distance Healing – YouTube


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