The masters, the gurus, the sages all say that the inner creates the outer. If the inner creates the outer which I also believe is truth then THE INNER IS PRETTY DANG IMPORTANT!
Question: Is your INNER REALITY under your dominion or has it gone rogue?
Answer: You can tell by simply looking at the state of your outer world.
If your outer world is in chaos – your outer world in terms of your personal reality, the people, the places and the things and the situations that revolve personally around you – if that is in chaos and you perceive it chaotically (you feel chaotic inside) then you can be assured that your inner world is unstable. It is like water bubbling and bouncing all around and as your “cup” loses its water you deplete your vital energy.
As you deplete your vital energy you lower your level of consciousness. Let me say that again: As you deplete your energy you lower your level of consciousness. One more time please: lower the energy and your consciousness “falls.” That’s the fall reference in the bible – it was a fall though in frequency, in energy and in consciousness.
Ever seen a rainbow? What are the colors of it? Ever seen a chakra chart? What are the colors associated with the chakras? Answer is they are the same as the rainbow. Ever seen light come through a prism? What colors of light do you see? Once again you see the colors of the rainbow, the colors of the chakras.
What if the red color of the bottom of the rainbow was associated not only with the root chakra and not only physical body but the consciousness, the awareness of survival? What if the second chakra hidden so to speak within the flesh of the body were associated with what is called the emotional body? And what if the level of consciousness associated with that chakra was the awareness of emotion? If we were to go higher in energy and higher in consciousness how might this change our perception of what we call reality?
If my energy were limited to the physical body level of awareness I would be stuck in survival and instinct and reaction and therefore drama!
If my energy were stuck in the second level of energy and awareness I would be obsessed with emotional reaction and therefore things like food and sex and dysfunctional relationships and again drama.
What about the third level of consciousness associated with the third chakra? This is called the mental body and is associated with the intellect including judgment therefore including criticism and struggles with personal power.
The heart centered consciousness which takes work to raise your energy high enough to awaken that level of consciousness – through Qigong, Yoga, Meditation etc. and if you were to do this the fourth level would dwarf the survival instincts and instead give birth to feelings of unity consciousness, unconditional love, kindness, unconditional happiness etc.
In general, then your outer world cannot be changed through force. If you try and change it through force you create what is sometimes called “negative karma” it is what Jesus said when he shared the idea that “as you give to others you give unto yourself.”
So going outside yourself and trying to change “them” is a mistake in awareness. It is a mistake in evaluation of who you are, who you are with and what you are capable of!
Pointing fingers and picket signs and blaming and getting caught up in dramas with other people tends to set them off, then people might get stabbed, shot, etc. Forcing our opinions onto others is a dangerous game.
Recommendation: Learn to turn inward and calm yourself down. Don’t stop there but start there!
Turn inward and stay inward for a little while.
Monkey mind says “I can’t afford to stay still and do nothing worldly for five – ten minutes.” Meanwhile the person who says this, wastes: two, three, four or more hours a day!
Young Jedi listen! Learn to go within or you are part of the problem. If you are run by the robotic monkey mind – ego mind and all you do is listen to its incessant demands and judgments and worries and fears etc. etc. then you are controlled by the program.
If the program controls you: meaning your monkey mind, your ego, its programming, its old beliefs, the beliefs of social consciousness, the beliefs and views shared by the news and the billboards then your mind has been hijacked and the program creates your personal reality.
What I just described is a living hell for many people living on this planet!
Recommendation: Learn to own your mind, your emotions, your moods, your thoughts, your beliefs, your programs! This is the reason why I teach you and offer you Qigong.
I don’t give a shit about the fluff or the outfits or the styles or the “my master is better than your master BS” I don’t care that the Chinese government has tried to shut down Qigong and Medical Qigong because of its effectiveness because it is healing and curing disease and I don’t care as much as you might think about disease.
I don’t care that some see Qigong as some sort of religion. To me its just a practice, a set of practices and my style is not one style! Like Bruce Lee’s martial arts my Qigong style is a synthesis of many different styles. Not that I just put together – but information, practices and wisdom that I have owned and become! So I share it with you.
Why? Because young Jedi it is about MIND! MIND! MIND! Your body, your emotions, your relationships are under your control only to the degree that you can control your inner mood not through suppression and repression but through stillness in the face of chaos and it is there that the alchemy takes place.
One must learn that mind has levels: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, metaphysical, psychic levels. One must learn and re- learn these things because these levels are capable of being learned and because they are part of WHO YOU ARE! Who you are in a grand sense not this little false ego self that is upset every time the wind blows.
This “path” isn’t about other people, its about you and the state of your mind and it is about learning to master it or serve its insanity. Which do you prefer? If your mind is stuck in survival mode than it may have not yet occurred to you that preference is a choice! People stuck in survival feel as if they are victims of circumstance. There are ways to change that experience and there has never been a better time than today to do it!!
The new year is coming and if you know you create your reality then you have an obligation to yourself to get centered and clear and focus on what you truly desire to create. Meanwhile the world is falling apart all around you. So what!
Don’t be afraid to lead others into a better way of living and being and there is no need for picket signs and petitions against them just invite them as I am inviting you. That’s all I can do is invite you to train with me. If you do train with me I can teach you what I know about the physical, the emotional, the mental, the metaphysical because I know many short cuts that will save you a lot of time!
My Qigong so to speak is not about a healthy practice one does in the park, my Qigong style is about manifesting and creating your reality! And unlike those styles of teaching which only focus on the mental idea of creating and attracting and all of that – we focus on all of these levels and we learn to embody the great work.
In my experience anyway if you don’t embody it, if you don’t incorporate your body and your emotions and your mental thoughts and beliefs and perceptions and you don’t include the metaphysical in your training – well then your training is limited and therefore so are you.
This kind of training that I am sharing with those of you who wish to be fearless warriors – peaceful warriors allows one to exercise all levels of one’s being, not just one or two levels of awareness but 7+.
Please feel free to join me for Qigong class on Thursday afternoons. Its an easy way to begin. Mostly painless. Classes are from 3-4pm east coast time and the classes are recorded so you can watch them at anytime following the class. Right now classes are only $45/ month for 4-5 classes in each month and there are no contracts. It doesn’t get much easier than that.
I am quite confident in our ability to change your life and other’s lives for the better! Please take this as a personal invitation and know I am wishing you a very happy day and a very happy new year!
Sifu David J. Coon is the author of Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality

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