Beneath the physical body, there is an emotional body or what Modern Day spiritual teacher Eckart Tolle #eckarttolle calls the pain body.
The #painbody or what has been called the emotional body by many masters and healers for at least a few thousand years sits beneath the physical body and is the emotional content of yesterday. It is the record of the past. As an energy field unto itself (for the average person) it is very congested and likened unto sludge. It is the cause of much physical pain and disease. This energy field causes stress upon the physical body’s cells, organs, tissues, etc.
Because this field of energy is emotional and energetic in nature It also has an influence upon one’s relationships and therefore determines the emotional makeup of those relationships. People with similar emotional pain bodies and pasts vibrate similarly, therefore, attract each other. The good news is that as you heal your past by doing the work of healing your past (through Qigong for example) then you begin to attract people who are more healed who have also healed their pasts. (Wow!) That should blow a few minds!
As a healer and a clairvoyant, I see the sludge of the pain body and I can also psychically feel it in other people as we all can. Healers though that are skilled in working with the pain-body can begin to move and dissolve that sludge.
Through the practices of Qigong one can get in touch with this emotional pain body (as I call it in my book Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality) and begin to really sensate the inner sludge associated with it and then begin to work on dissolving it.
As we bring what is hidden into the light of awareness through various #qigong practices we can then begin to work on dissolving this sludge which actually is the content of both our #Ego and/ or personality and our past. Bringing this information to the light requires extra energy so to speak. As we build up our subtle energy through Qigong and Meditation practices we can become more aware of this emotional pain body and its networks that run throughout our energy body, physical body and nervous system.
In the ancient teachings of Qigong and Meditation and Yogic practices etc. it is said that within the Light of Awareness anything that comes into IT’s Presence that is not of the HIGHEST VIBRATIONAL LIGHT is dissolved. It is sometimes said that as we bring the darkness (which would be what is within the emotional pain body) to the Light it is dissolved. This is a good general description of the practice that must be done but it leaves much unanswered and much to be somehow experienced. This is where practice and discipline come in. This is also where it might help to have the guidance of someone who has been doing the disciplined practice for some number of years.
As you begin to both conserve and harness energy through certain practices your awareness of the more subtle aspects of who and what you are, come to the forefront of consciousness. At first, you experience intensity in the discomfort, you feel things are stuck, you feel pain. You feel as if you are a heavy physical body perhaps. It is this place that we want to shift, change, alchemize, expand, enlighten. If we are successful in that then we are also successful in healing the emotional debris related to the struggles of yesterday. If we were to heal the emotional debris of yesterday our bodies would breathe easier and our relationships would be less stressful and more fulfilling.
As I state in my book Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality, until you begin dissolving and healing your past then you tend to get stuck in what has been called #groundhogday  
Ground Hog Day so to speak based on the movie will Bill Murray is the idea that the names and faces may change but the content of the outer life is the same and it just keeps repeating until you do something different from the inside out.
As you clear the emotional debris from the pain-body you begin to make way for the light. The light begins to shine through the form as depicted in this picture I shared today which is symbolic of the #Buddha -Christ Within. This is called enlightenment which is associated with the idea of awakening. To awaken is to remember WHO YOU ARE. This is to say it is the answer to the old question of Who am I? Beyond the ego, the personality, the name, the face, my past memories etc.?
If you would like to join some Qigong courses that focus on dissolving the emotional and body pain, thereby healing and transforming your life, check out the link below:

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