Please practice safely. Neither David J. Coon nor Qigong Awareness can be be responsible for any injuries that you might experience while practicing any of these Qigong exercises demonstrated in this video. 

Typically when we talk about weight loss in the west we are speaking in terms of metabolism. We are talking about carbohydrates, fats and proteins. We are talking about aerobic practices like running, swimming, aerobics and weight lifting for the purpose of burning calories and specifically fat.

Qi Gong is a form of exercise from China and this form is intertwined with internal Kung Fu, Karate and Martial Arts practices. Martial Arts practice has so many benefits including: positive attitude, confidence, strength, physical power, healthy physique, clearer mind and so much more! But, for those not wanting to fight, or spar, or compete, or be in an organized school with belt ranks and politics and so on, Qi Gong can be an excellent substitute. Qi Gong brings all the best aspects of Martial Arts practice with an emphasis on the internal development of energy, Chi, breath and balance. Balance is an important concept when we think about weight loss from a greater perspective. So many people struggling with weight loss do not just have issues with too much fat consumption and not enough exercise, their lives are not balanced. It is not just that the diet is not balanced it is the lifestyle that is out of balance. It is that the emotions are out of balance. It is that the hormones that rule metabolism and cell to cell communication are out of balance.

Many people who are struggling to loose weight know this but they have not yet found something to replace their other addictions. Human beings like their habits even if they are not good for them. We get used to our habits and we want to do them again and again. My daughter had french toast this morning with strawberries. She had orange juice to drink. She said it was her favorite meal ever. From experience I know she will want that same exact meal over and over and over until something new is introduced and it becomes the new habit. I love Qi Gong and Internal Martial Art practices. They make me feel so much more energized and alive! I run, I swim, I lift weights, I practice Martial Arts but my core practice is Qi Gong. I take my Qi Gong breath work and understandings of energy into all of my workouts. That makes everything a practice of Qi Gong for me and yet if I had to give up everything but one form of exercise Qi Gong would stay and the rest would have to go.

Qi Gong clears the breath, the blood, the liver, the stress hormones from your body. It can help you find a new and improved addiction. It can help you to find balance and clarity that I’m sorry but I don’t think you could ever find in an aerobics class or some of these packaged fitness classes. Qi Gong taps you into something deeper. The phrase, “mind, body, spirit” is most likely over used on the level that it is. It has become such a catch phrase that has lost its potency. Having said that though Qi Gong really addresses the entirety of a person in such a way that the practice absolutely spills over into every area of ones life. After practicing Qi Gong you will breathe different, sit different, stand different, you will think more clearly, you will build an internal heat that heals your body and burns calories at the same time. You will change your cravings. After a few months of practice  your body will start craving better food.

If you like how the practice makes you feel then try it again. Once you have tried it several times you will most likely drop it for a while. When you feel like you are dragging it because you have not been practicing Qi Gong you might be wise enough or lucky enough to return to the practice. If you get that practice in your blood and begin to see how good it feels and how much it can help with your weight, with your life, you then soon you have a Qi Gong habit. That habit will do many great things for you including to help you authentically loose weight in a healthy manor. Don’t bother checking the scale for about three months, but after about three months of practice, check the scale, evaluate your life as a whole and see for yourself what it is doing for you. I often tell my students that you always get out of the practice double or triple what you put into it. It takes energy to practice Qi Gong in the same way that it takes energy to get a chemical reaction to take off but the end product can yield many times greater then what you put into it initially!

What do you have to loose? Some weight? Some baggage? Some heavy energy? Give it a go!


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