Qigong traditionally means the skilled cultivation of Universal Life Force or Chi. Energy surrounds us, permeates us and the universe in which we live. Practicing Qigong in the park is quite wonderful and yet mastering Qigong goes into every aspect of your life.

This energy that moves in, around and through us must be harnessed for us to rise within our power. The more energy we have the more power we have, the more power we have the more works we can do. I said works very specifically.

So many of us focus outside ourselves and look without rather than within. Qigong practice is a practice of looking at what is going on within and changing it as needed. Contracted energy has a different feeling and yields different results then expanded energy.

Mastering your energy and the mind that organizes that energy is the greatest of endeavors. Qigong is a means to do that. Many teachings way heavy on intellectual philosophy without practical application or physical demonstration. Going within and looking at how we think, how we feel, how we stand and how we hesitate or take charge is very important to notice.

Noticing can lead to mastery but there are other steps along the way. Practice and practical application are essential if you want to see a difference six weeks, six months from now. Only a great master can change in an instant, the rest of us have to practice over and over and over again.

We live in energy, therefore it is energy that we must change first. Before we will ever see a change in the outer world we must change our energy from within. This takes skill. It takes philosophy, understanding and then follows through.

How tired are you of your life? How fed up? How willing are you to change?

So many people trying to change the outer world. It is futile. Change from the inside out!

Take a deep breath and create that clarity by coaching yourself, coaching that energy, consciously tell it what you want it to do! Tell it to expand, grow, become lighter, more radiant, more clear, more beautiful!

Don’t let it tell you that you are depressed to tell it that you are overjoyed and then wait for it to catch up to you!

Qigong For Mental Clarity, Longevity and Healing – YouTube