Chapter Two: “Harness Your Energy” from my book Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality

..starts out with a quote from Laird Hamilton the infamous big wave surfer pictured here riding this wave.

“People always ask me when they seeing me working out, “What are you training for?” The answer is I’m training for life.” Laird Hamilton

I feel the same way which is why I shared his sentiments in my book to kick off Chapter Two.

Qigong for Beginners, my book is all about training for life. Laird Hamilton, Tony Robbins and many other successful people incorporate yogic breathing practices, meditation etc. Qigong is a form of Yoga from China (essentially) some actually refer to it as Chinese Yoga.

Although my book is about Qigong and includes specific Qigong practices I also speak quite a bit about training for life which includes fitness and breathing practices and Qigong exercises.

This also includes though particular attitudes that lead toward healing and success. States of mind, using mantra and declarations, incorporating practices of what might be called good karma and more.

Chapter Two “Harness Your Energy” starts out with the idea that everything we do either adds to or takes away from our energy stores.

Chapter Three then goes into the idea of Energy Equals Power. So when we don’t have energy (the right kinds of energy) it is very difficult if not impossible to accomplish much of value.

If one is only living in survival mode – one is not very interested in doing things of value because that person is just trying to “get by” trying to “survive.”

I lived there at one time in my life and I can completely relate.

Tony Robbins, Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carey and many other successful people started off their lives in survival mode.

Gathering your energy, coming back to yourself and building up your energy stores, finding yourself and your center is where the power is.

One of the main reasons that various get rich quick schemes or get healthy over night schemes do not work for most people is that they are by their very nature dishonest.

Consistency is honesty. Otherwise you are just trying to fool life to get the proverbial cookie.

You can’t fool LIFE though. There is a Law involved that is bigger than man/ woman’s laws and Buddha called it karma. For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.

So many things and people and places outside of you that you cannot control. So you can sit home with your gold and guns so to speak and wait for the world to end ( a very uncomfortable fearful state – I have been there) or you can dare to live today here and now without fear.

In order to do that though you must learn to mind your own business and take responsibility for you. Your actions or inactions have imprisoned or freed you – this is the idea anyway that was suggested to me thirty five years ago when I was struggling with disease, alcoholism, drug use, bad attitudes, anger, rage, depression, anxiety, fear and all of that not so fun stuff.

I began gathering myself and my energy and i stopped focusing on other people and all of their imperfections and I stopped focusing on “hitting the tree” out of incessant fear and I learned to mind my mind and mind my own business.

I started working on my words, my actions, my deeds, I took a chance on this philosophy that I am my own worst enemy and therefore my own savior all rolled into one even if I do call on HIGHER POWER to help me out. That’s still on me.

It was an experiment. Trying to heal the severe degenerative spinal disease, the broken bones along the way, the biological panic anxiety (attacks) disorder, the alcoholism, the drug use, the bad attitudes etc. etc.

The experiment worked!!!! Better than I could have imagined it would! It wasn’t easy I assure you but i did it!

I have come a long long way over the last thirty five years.

I am enlightened in comparison to who I once was, what I what was, where I was, who I was with. My friends have changed, my life circumstances have changed.

It took consistent effort and it took concentrated life changing programs like the programs we have created at Qigong Awareness.

Like the practices I am sharing in my book and my online courses and videos on youtube and amazon.

I know it works!

The new year is coming!

Who will you become?

This week is a very powerful week leading into this weekend. Astrologically there are forces happen right now that relate to these kinds of questions. Who will you become? What will you apply yourself to?

What will you study? What will you learn?

Because if you have not yet figured this out – you will become what you learn and what you know. So if you don’t like who you are, where you are, how you are – then learn something new and improved and dedicate yourself to the journey.

Martial Arts for example is an excellent endeavor. Teaches you so much. But it is very hard on the body and takes a very disciplined and committed mind to even just begin let alone to do it for two, ten or twenty years.

Qigong is a much more internal practice but hails from the same world as martial arts. Qigong in general but specifically the way I teach it is Martial Art in its philosophies and practices except unlike Martial Arts there is no fighting practice except the fight with one’s self and our goal with that fight is to dissolve it and bring to oneself and to others greater states of inner peace.

I highly recommend this book and the trainings that support this book. So many practices, so much to learn and so much to become! It is a wonderful opportunity for growth, health, and prosperity.

Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health & Vitality (

Happy (almost) New Year everyone!


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