What is Qigong good for? Qigong is good for numerous things! Qigong benefits both physical and mental health. It also can improve spiritual connection. Through Qigong Exercise, greater awareness and connection is inevitable. Qigong is also a wonderful way to connect with the community through Qigong classes and workshops. Many acupuncturists, massage therapists, and other healing professionals are becoming Certified Qigong Instructors. Once certified, they offer Qigong Classes and Qigong Exercise prescriptions to their patients.

Qigong is most popularly known for reducing stress, lowering blood pressure, increasing energy, increasing vitality, supporting those dealing with cancer, and improving sleep. Qigong is also known for improving balance and easing anxiety and depression. There are many other reasons to begin a regular Qigong practice, such as menstrual issues, infertility issues, and menopause related issues. Many women choose to begin a regular Qigong practice to move into menopause gracefully. Those seeking to have a baby may decide as a couple to begin Qigong to improve their fertility. Especially in men with fertility issues, Qigong can help increase both the sperm count and quality of sperm.

One of the things that I most love about Qigong is the feeling of peace and calm. It is amazing to practice for 20 minutes and feel incredible after that short amount of time. It is also amazing that there are no negative side effects and only positive side effects. I have heard many students over the years share how they came to Qigong to lower blood pressure, and not only did it help with that, but they no longer had regular headaches or shoulder pain. I have also seen students let go of their anxiety and depression after finding Qigong to help with fertility issues.

Can Qigong Make You Stronger?

Yes, Qigong can make you stronger! Qigong Exercise practice involves movement and stationary poses. Both can help to build muscle as well as cardiovascular health. By practicing Qigong Exercises, the body will be healthier and thus able to perform other movements such as walking, biking, swimming, etc. When the body is injured and unwell, we tend to sit or lay down instead of gently moving our bodies mindfully in slow Qigong Exercise movements to help us to heal. I once saw a woman at the beginning of a Qigong workshop having great difficulty walking. By the close of the Medical Qigong Workshop, she was walking with ease and confidence.

I have also witnessed an acupuncturist in one of our Workshops who was in a wheelchair visualize the Qigong Exercise practice as if she participated in the movements and her demeanor changed dramatically. She had more energy, color on her face and was so happy. It was very inspiring to witness the power of Qigong even if someone is not able to move their physical body.

Can you lose weight with Qigong?

Yes, you can lose weight with Qigong practice. One hour of Qigong Exercise practice is approximately one hour of walking as far as calories burned. Through Qigong, you will find an increase in energy and mood. This greater sense of well-being will inspire you to go and perform your biking, swimming, and other exercise practices to help with your weight loss. Making Qigong Exercise part of your weight loss plan is a great idea. Then you will be able to create the rest of your program by focusing on healthy eating, additional exercise, royal order, and meditation. I wish you great success in your weight loss goals!


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