Medical Qigong Therapy is one of four branches of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). The other branches include Acupuncture, Herbs, and Massage. It is a primary form of medicine in China and involves energy or “Chi” transmissions. A Medical Qigong Master or Doctor is an expert energy worker. Through many years of Qigong practice, which is a form of Oriental exercise, these Masters learn how to gather universal life force (Chi) harness it and direct it.

Over eight million people practice Qigong in China every day as a form of preventative and curative medicine for everything from the common cold, to the healing of aches and pains and the big C (cancer). Medical Qigong is the father of the more modern Acupuncture and uses healing hands rather then Acupuncture needles to restore the Chi flow in, around and through the body. Medical Qigong is an advanced form of energy work and masters can often change the concentrations of liquids from acid to base without touching them, eradicate parasites using Chi transmissions, stop internal bleeding, dissolve certain cysts, small tumors and much more.

Anyone can learn to gather and transmit Chi regardless of age, size, sex, etc. Becoming an intuitive Master and knowing how to use Chi to bring healing to another person may take many years. Medical Qigong is the most esoteric of the four branches of TCM but more and more research is being done and modern science is helping us to understand certain aspects of it scientifically. We know that Master’s hands oscillate to frequencies that mimic healthy cells and tissues. We know that their hands emit infrared frequencies and that infrared causes tissues to purge and detoxify. In some instances, Medical Qigong Master’s hands can reach temperatures high above normal as if the hands are feverish. Using “hot hands” Qigong Masters can dissolve blockages in the body- being.

Even more mysterious are long-distance experiments and long-distance healing. Many Masters can affect bacteria plated in bacterial dishes from many miles away. In fact across the globe. This seems preposterous to some of us and very unscientific right up until we take a closer look. First of all, it is being demonstrated in laboratories and scientific experiments with believers and nonbelievers, plants and bacteria and the results suggest that something is happening. It is interesting to note as well that Chi is much like gravity, an invisible, powerful and far-reaching force.

In some cases, a Qigong Master may use the suggestion, sound healing, “hot hands” and so on to help a person to get their energy flowing. This might suggest “hypnosis” and not necessarily science. Some say that it is all in the mind. Studies are suggesting that it is in the mind and yet mind may be much more far-reaching than we ever realized.


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