“If you want to be healthy and live to one hundred years..do Qigong” Dr. Oz
This is the first quote in my book: Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality by David J. Coon
It kind of speaks for itself. For me though I have really seen first hand the benefits of Qigong practice.
At twenty five years old I was told my spine looked like I was 85!
10 Years of martial arts and acupuncture and chiropractic and massage and yet my spine was degenerating faster than I could heal myself and reverse it.
None of these modalities for me were enough to heal this progressive spinal disease. Then came the panic attacks.
The doctors had already warned me that my spine would begin crushing my organs and including my lungs.
When I went in for an evaluation by the doctors they said my panic attacks were irreversible, just like my spinal disease. They diagnosed me with biological panic disorder.
Drugs were not an option for me because I had already been self medicating in my teens and I needed an alternative route.
Counseling helped on the level that it did, as did all of the different modalities I was working with at that time and for years. But I was still wrestling with some pretty big issues with no positive endings in sight.
My martial arts training and my psychology training had taught me about the power of the mind but I had not yet really figured out how to exercise the power of that hidden mind.
At 25 years old I took a time out from Full Contact Karate and Heavy Weight Lifting and I began focusing on Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do and Kali training which emphasized “energy drills” rather than “fighting”. Those arts emphasized flow vs. force.
Great for my mind those arts were and still are! But I still couldn’t heal my spine!
I was reading and studying various metaphysical books and teachings as well as studying western and eastern psychology. Teachings from gurus and master teachers, Course in Miracles, as well as power house life coaches like Tony Robins. I was listening to Wayne Dyer and other Law of Attraction teachers.
I was no dabbler. I didn’t watch TV and stayed up may hours of the days and nights studying and training.
One day I had a Medical Qigong healing session and left my body. I was looking down at it from the ceiling. I was “out of my body” for several minutes. I came back to it with a deep breath and a panic as if I had died and was grabbing back onto the body.
I had not felt that kind of pain relief in many many years of traditional and alternative modalities. I was blown away!
I began diving more deeply into subtle Qigong practices and pranayama Yogic breathwork practices.
I had more than several Kundalini awakening experiences as it is termed in yogic philosophy.
These energy “awakenings” were quite profound and were more powerful than anything I had ever experienced while taking drugs, including psychedelic mushrooms and LSD.
Chakras opened up, energy rushed up my spine and catharsis was pretty intense. After about ten of these experiences over the course of six months or a year my life radically changed.
I didn’t exactly arrive but I certainly arrived to some state that was highly improved from where I was living. My perception of the world was radically changed and my heart opened more than it ever had before.
Qigong practices including breathwork and moving and still meditations are a massive short cut for those looking to heal and transform their lives form the inside out.
Those healings and transformations opened all kinds of doors to new jobs and opportunities and my soul’s destiny.
Those experiences also paved the way for me meeting my soul mate and co-owner of Qigong Awareness LLC, Tanya Mei Tai Coon.
I don’t know what you have going on in your life or what you are seeking but if any that rings a bell – I have made my life’s work and my family’s work all about helping people to have these kinds of experiences for themselves as well as giving other people the opportunities to have these kinds of experiences.
Not everybody wants the full “awakening” of kundalini and the catharsis that goes with it. No worries because you get to set the pace. For those that desire that kind of healing it is possible and not only possible for me I did it. The spinal disease, the biological panic disorders and much more all went with it.
This also opened the door for me to become a “healer” a conduit for often inexplicable energies that often yield inexplicable results.
If you are interested in the extraordinary it tends to be tied to the Far East. Meaning the teachings that have come out of the Far East in my experience anyway are far superior to western psychology for example.
My way of course is not everyone’s way. But again if any of this rings a bell maybe start training in Qigong and give it a go. Honestly it may take some years to build your Chi and have some life altering experiences but man! It’s worth it!!
And for those of you who want to gather some Chi, center yourselves and just stay in shape and don’t desire this awakening business but maybe you desire greater health and longevity I believe you can have that too. The dial and how far you wish to turn it up – is up to you!
My book has a lot of ideas and concepts in it all of which I feel helped me to heal my spine. I also feel like a book is not the best place to teach the Qigong exercises so rather than focusing on that in the book I focus on the power of the mind. I focus on the power of thought and word and belief. I focus on the core teachings (my core teachings) regarding Qigong that I feel are conveyed easily through book form.
These teachings are backed up by many Qigong videos that can be purchased on Amazon as well as teachings that can be found on my youtube channel: https://www.amazon.com/Qigong-Beginners-Greater-Health-Vitality-ebook/dp/B078TP3M4K/
You can Purchase David J. Coon’s Book: Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality Here:

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