Medical Qigong, one branch of Oriental Medicine is the Father of the more modern Acupuncture. Unlike Acupuncture which uses thin needles to affect the internal Chi flow through various meridians of the body, Medical Qigong focuses on external and internal Chi transmissions to affect the greater flow of Chi in, around and through the body- being. Using Medical Qigong in conjunction with your Acupuncture can catapult the effectiveness of your practice. Acupuncture needles can be used as direct channels for external Chi transmissions giving these transmissions a direct inlet to the body’s meridian system.

In some cases a meridian can be cleansed by increasing the Chi flow through it and other times stagnant energy can be drawn out of the body using Medical Qigong techniques coupled with needling. Other times two needles can be held for example to balance a particular pathway or set of pathways. Further still Chi can simply be added to a treatment generally into the auric field through various Medical Qigong techniques. Sometimes a few needles is all it takes and a client has a strong turn around in their condition. Other times there may seem to be something missing. In such cases Medical Qigong practices can be used to tip the healing scales in yours and your client’s favor.

In order for your Acupuncture to be truly effective, especially overtime it is wise for you to have a strong constitution. A strong constitution comes from a strong practice like Qigong. In order to be a truly effective Medical Qigong practitioner you must also be a proficient Qigong practitioner. That means you must know your body, your energy system and your self. Once you know your own body temple then it is possible to know intuitively your clients body temple and what they cannot bring about for themselves to change their state of health you can do for them.

Once you are connected energetically to your client or patient’s energy system you can begin to work with it as if it is your own. If you are skilled with your own energy system than you are on your way to becoming a very effective and successful healer/ practitioner.


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