YOU are very still and quiet and spacious and YOU do not need a body. If YOU came into the mind of you, then you would begin to expand.

Do you know what this means?

Healing is not a form of addition, healing is about subtraction in that it is about removing the interference, the noise, the turmoil, the chaos, the confusion, the anxiety, the depression all names for the same thing sometimes called ego.

You may know how to tune into a news program. Do you know how to tune into YOU?

Jesus said “The kingdom of Heaven is within you.” Buddha said “Meditation.” Both talked about THE GREAT LAW: Jesus said “As ye sew ye shall reap” Buddha called it “Karma.”

The Physicists came up with the scientific theory that “For every action there is an opposite and equal reaction.”

YOU are – WHO I AM.

Meaning we are in essence the same. On the outside we are both bodies but more importantly on the inside we are the same and our energy is connected.

Knowing that requires the desire and the intentions to know it. Which is really to say that you have the desire to REMEMBER.




Ever realize that the word “REMEMBER” means to Put the pieces back together?

Healing is not about finding the HOLY GRAIL outside of you it is about finding it within. And it is also about seeing the interference and it is about removing the interference by choice.

“Anytime two or more are gathered I will be there.” This is a common teaching given by Jesus and Buddha and other teachers of enlightenment.

The idea is that when one or more gather from around the world with a common intention like we do on Wednesday night’s for distance healing clinic – the healing power is exponential.!

The body is an illusory boundary, but energy is unlimited as is mind.

Practicing doing nothing on the outside turns us inward and the activity on the inner level becomes greater!

Food for thought. Things and non-things to contemplate.

Join us for a month of distance healing and see what it does to your energy, your life, your mood, your relationships, etc.

Distance Healing Program



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