No Holds Barred! Most of us know what that looks like in the Octagon or the Boxing Ring but what about in the mind of the ASPIRING BUDDHA?
In case you didn’t know I am an ASPIRING BUDDHA. Meaning that first off I believe that healing is a form of subtraction not addition. I believe in the concept that we are divine beings and that we have become tarnished only on the outside and that outer debris (karma) can be washed away. When the debris is washed away our TRUE NATURE as the Buddhists call it is revealed.
How does one wash away this soot, this dirt, these heavy layers of emotion and karma and pain?
First off it is a process and I believe that there are many ways. But let’s name a few: Qigong, Meditation, Martial Arts, Yoga, Pranayama, Mantra, Prayer, Body Centered Healing, Rebirthing, Course In Miracles, Medical Qigong, Energy Work, More..
How does anyone begin such a journey? With the first step of course. But the steps in this case do lead up the mountain but it is not a forward journey, it is going back the way we came. As the gurus like to say.
Times were not easy when Buddha was here, Jesus did not have an easy time. So what that now in 2020 is not an easy time!
Both talked about awakening. Awakening to what?
Awakening to who you are!
My experience of awakening (at least thus far) is about realizing all that I am not. It has been on one hand working toward goals and building myself up so speak but people who embark on these kinds of journeys experience the meltdown, the dissolve of this little me, myself and I.
So many trying to keep this ego up, keep it going. Keep it happy and fed. All the while not realizing it is leading them to their death.
The Buddhists believe in reincarnation as do I. So their is no death in the Kingdom of Life as Jesus said and the Kingdom Jesus used to say cannot be found (essentially) by dying. So on one hand it’s ok if you don’t get it right you will most likely get to do it again. But why waste this opportunity?
The gurus say you must die before you die to awaken to who and what you are. So this would mean that we cannot die physically at the hands of the incessant ego obsessed with me, myself and I and my past and my worries and my fears and my body and my littleness. Somehow I must transcend ego and these limitations. (In theory).
So this means I must question who I am and NOT ANSWER. And I must question where I am. And NOT ANSWER. And I somehow must go beyond what this ego tells me is possible. So many “I cant’s” so many “not enoughs” so many limitations.
When a vision, a dream, an idea an inspiration is born which requires some reflection and meditation and prayer and maybe some fasting or running beyond our current capabilities into areas of discomfort where we question ourselves…but when it comes…we have to reach for it! We have to go after it! We have to die trying or find out we cannot be put asunder.
In this way “enlightenment” is a paradox because it builds you up but it tears you down. But then in the bigger picture one must ask who is being built up? Who is being torn down?
I wouldn’t be the first spiritual teacher to suggest that it is your ego, your false self (little me, myself and I) that is being torn down and in that tearing down the BIIGER YOU, Your TRUE NATURE begins to rise from the ashes of that ego’s crumbling. And the light in you begins to shine through!!!
So no holds barred in the world of healing has to do with self transformation. Not competition with others but competition between YOU and you. And even though there is no competition really it may seem like that for a long time.
The truth is the TRUTH doesn’t fight at all. But the ego is all about the fight even if it is hidden in the dark and sneaky and covert, its all about the fight. So
I say call this little heckler out and have it until it taps out.
One of my teachers told me years ago – WHO YOU ARE NEVER GETS TIRED.
Think about that!
So when you feel worn out – ego.
When you feel depleted – ego.
When you feel sick – ego.
When you feel weak – ego.
When you feel you can’t – ego.
When you feel unworthy – ego.
When you feel unloved – ego.
I love how the Course in Miracles says: The deeper you go into the blackness the closer to come to the light on the other side.
That follows very closely many other enlightenment teachings I have learned over the years. So instead of trying to protect its tiredness and backing off – learn to push through a little. Stay up a little later. Sleep a little less, eat a little less, run a little farther. See what you discover!
David J. Coon is the author of Qigong for Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health and Vitality:

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