Becoming The Alchemist- The Qigong Master

Is Life Challenging You?
Need A Good Laugh?

Why wait for things to turn around?

Set forth a new wave of new energy now, let it be the impetus for your new and improved future!

The Power for a new life is available to you…Right Now!

If you do not like what you are experiencing then change your mind now. Do not wait!

Do not just change your mind…. follow through by re-evaluating what you believe.

One way to rewrite and rewire your old worn-out beliefs is to withdraw your investment in them today, right now.

How can I do that you ask?

A great and yet simple Qigong practice to do that is to practice laughing.

Laughing when you are in the mood to do so is great and happens when it happens and of course, you can turn on a comedy or go see a humorous play when you have the time.

Using Qigong laughter meditation though as a means to affect the reality within and around you in any moment you choose (especially when you need it the most) is the conscious practice of the alchemist.

The alchemist- Qigong Master knows that as I change myself within, now, I change my future from this point going forward.

The alchemist knows that we live in Infinite Mind and Infinite Possibility Now and that what we disconnect to that Infinite Tao, Infinite Life Force, The Great River, the moment we get caught up in old beliefs, old emotional tapes that run through our nervous system, etc.

For everyone’s sake reconnect with yourself and all of the Existence right now.

Laugh with me, even in the face of people murdering each other and in the face of all kinds of struggles on our planet and so on. Laugh it up with me, if you dare!

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