What is Qigong?

Qigong literally translated means “skilled cultivation of Universal Life Force (Chi)”. Universal Life Force can be thought of as energy and it is all around us. Qigong is the practice of gathering that energy and harnessing it for greater health and vitality. This system of healing originating from China is approximately 2500 years old. It has recently gained popularity in the United States and is continuing to become more well-known even in Western Medicine.

Video Discussion of Qigong and its Benefits

What is Medical Qigong?

Medical Qigong is a form of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and is often referred to as the father of the more modern Acupuncture. It is one of the four main branches of Traditional Chinese Medicine and is a complete system of medicine that attempts to discover the root causes of illness or disease, and treats the patient as a whole.

Medical Qigong Practitioner

A skilled practitioner of Medical Qigong learns to cultivate chi to then direct it to others for the healing of imbalances and blockages in the body, that accumulate throughout our lifetime. These include a poor diet, sedentary lifestyle, injuries, surgery, toxic influences, suppression of emotions, and aging.

Medical Qigong is being heralded around the world as a miracle medicine. There are many people experiencing the healing of various conditions through Medical Qigong Treatments when Western Medicine has not been effective in treating or diagnosing the condition.

Medical Qigong Treatments enable the body to return to its natural state of health and harmony. Pain and stress can be relieved and hormones regulated. Deep-seated emotions, which are considered a major root cause of illness within Traditional Chinese Medicine, maybe transformed, allowing for greater health and vitality.

What Are The Benefits Of Qigong?

The benefits of Qigong are limitless. Some of the most known benefits of Qigong are self-healing, meditation, self-cultivation, alternative medicine, and martial arts. Qigong also has the benefits of recreation, exercise, relaxation, and preventive medicine. In terms of recreation, many Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists are becoming Certified Qigong Instructors to create a community. They offer weekly Qigong classes to their patients to build a community of health-conscious like-minded people.






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