“My name is David J. Coon. I am a Medical Qigong Master. 

I am going to share with you some philosophies but better yet some scientifically proven techniques that allowed me to heal a spinal disease that the doctors said would cripple me by the time I was thirty years old. I used these same techniques to heal what my doctors called a biological panic disorder. I used them to heal a cyst in my arm without surgery, I used them to heal a broken hand that my doctors said would never work right again, I used these teachings to go from being broke to living a blessed life. I used them to attract the most beautiful woman in the whole world to me, my wife of twelve years. I used them to bring a beautiful, healthy baby into the world with my wife. I have used them to bring healing to thousands of other people just like you. I know they work! I now have a burning desire to share them with you!”


Your mood is a force of attraction made up of a collection of consciousness, energy, biochemistry, and electromagnetism. Everyone you know or have yet to meet is like a walking magnet and you have the power to both attract and repel them.  Your mood is one of the greatest determining factors as to whom and what is coming into your life next. Your mood begins as an internal set of thoughts that turn into feelings, from these feelings a mood is created. This initial mood then becomes a strong force of attraction that will draw unto itself experiences that will allow you to further expand your experience of that same mood.

For example, if you hold joy in consciousness as a thought and as a feeling then you will attract positive people, opportunities and experiences. Your body is also going to be healthy and filled with vital energy. On the other hand though if your mood is one of unhappiness then this too will attract people and experiences that amplify that same unhappiness that you began with. In such situations you must change the mood or the unwanted people, places, events will just keep coming. The new agers have called this process the law of attraction, but this law is hardly new, it is ancient wisdom packaged with a new age twist.

For those of you who are looking to heal the past, and miraculously change the outer circumstances of your life look no further than your mood. When you learn to master and create your moods you will have found a massive key to attracting beneficial people, healthy relationships and authentic success.

Short Story:

Johnny was feeling down, he had lost the job he and his girlfriend had just broken up. He could not help but be depressed. For the last six months, he had been reading self-help and self-improvement books and he was on the verge of asking his boss for a raise. His boss told him that they needed to talk and Johnny thought this would be his chance and it was but not in the way he thought. Something seemed to be kicking him out of his job and even his relationship with his girlfriend. He did not see either one of those events coming for him. Johnny had been thinking about finding a better job but with the job market the way it has been the thought he would stay where he was for another year. His girlfriend was sweet and they were thinking of getting married but Johnny was not sure if that was the right thing for him. He had been considering going back to school to finish his college degree but he did not know where he would find the time or money to do that.

Johnny’s thoughts were progressive and unbeknownst to him, he had been communicating with the universe all along. Johnny was in shock with all the change and was not sure what he was going to do next. Fear got the best of him for a while and he stayed in and tried not to face his new life. He thought to himself for days “what did I do, where did I go wrong?” His depression kept him from going out and socializing and did not help him much in the way of finding a new job. Starting to eat away at his savings Johnny leaped faith, he went to see a Qigong master because he was drawn to building up his energy stores which he had depleted. He knew that to do all that he was going to need to do, that he would need energy. He also knew he needed some short cuts as well as some encouragement.

After a few sessions, he put on his best attitude and went to a job interview, he also applied for student loans and received acceptance to his former university where he was studying economics. Nothing seemed to be falling in place and to Johnny, his process seemed like this could go on forever.

Johnny’s new Qigong Master told him that he was taking his life too seriously. Johnny’s response was “try losing your job, your income, and your girlfriend in two weeks.” His new Master responded, “You told me that you did not like your job that it was sucking the life out of you. You also told me that your girlfriend was boring even though you were thinking of marrying her. You said that before all of this transpired you were looking for a better job, an opportunity to go back to school and possibly even leaving your girlfriend.” Johnny acknowledged the truth of that. The Master encouraged him to follow through with what he had begun. The Master asked him to view his new life as a life in which he had been freed of the burdens of yesterday. The Master also suggested that he identify his goals, write them down and begin to focus on them.

After identifying the goals the Qigong Master suggested fifteen full minutes of laughter in the mirror every morning, coupled with deep breathing, to change his overall mood. The Master also suggested 15 more minutes every day of power practices in which Johnny would perform verbal and physical exercises that allowed him to embody the mood called personal power.  His coach told him to do this until he saw the results he wanted to show up in his life. Within less than thirty days Johnny had a glow about him, greater energy reservoirs, a better attitude and a new outlook on his life. He also attracted a new and improved job and received acceptance to his university to complete his Bachelor’s Degree. Within sixty days he was meeting new people, traveling to new places for work which he loved and he had met a new potential fiancé.

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