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To be a Master of Qigong practice is to be a true alchemist.  An alchemist is a being that has the power to turn stress into a higher quality of energy, we could call this greater peace or harmony. In ancient alchemical practices this is the practice of turning lower base energies, like lead into the pure light of gold. When dark and dense energies surround us we are stressed out, angry, confused and things can appear chaotic. To a Qigong practitioner this imbalance is a sign that something is not quite right. The practitioner knows that they must regain their own center and that they must begin to work with the underlying energy so as to restore balance and harmony. This is accomplished through the transmutation and purification of the dense energies into pure and golden light.

Energy cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. Through the alchemical practices of Qigong and Medical Qigong, energy can be changed from one form to another. Many people who think about energy typically think in terms of good energy and bad energy. Energy though is energy and if you do not like how it feels then alchemize it, transform it, transmute it, enlighten it! Becoming proficient in Qigong practice for yourself gives you a deeper understanding of Chi flow in, around and through the body. By deepening your own practice, and your own understanding of alchemzing Chi from denser forms of energy into lighter forms, you can become both a better teacher and practitioner.

Alchemizing Stress is essentially the practice of enlightening heavy, sick and/ or stagnant energy. A lot of times people who are struggling with health problems have heavy energy sitting in their auric field. This energy carries negative thought forms, negative emotional content, even foreign energies whether these are toxic energies from attachments to other people or a bacteria or virus (or all of the above). Clearing up someone’s energy field is a great gift to them and a great practice for you. It not only helps the internal Chi flow like Acupuncture does but it also removes various layers of internal and external toxicity in the fields that surround and permeate the body.

One of the primary things you will be doing with your Medical Qigong practice is to add fuel to your client’s crucible, their alchemical cooking pot which is called the lower Dantien. Just like a person’s hands and limbs will get cold when their core is running low on heat, the meridians will begin to stagnate as the Chi flow that is being generated from the core/ lower Dantien is dissipated. Most people who are struggling with low energy, fatigue, stress, pain, illness etc. have a weakened fire in their lower Dantien.

One of your jobs as a Medical Qigong practitioner is going to be to light up that lower Dantien and get the fire started again. The lower Dantien can be likened to a water heater who’s pilot light has blown out. Also as a practitioner of Golden Dragon Medical Qigong you will focus on a specific central pathway in the body that travels up the spine called Shushumna or Chung Mo. Ida and Pingala are pathways adjacent to the spine and they meet at the pituitary gland. These pathways are represented by the caduceus, the symbol for western medicine. By sending Chi up the spine and moving it through the three knots or three Dantiens (or seven chakras) the more dense energies are purified. Not only will you see a purification of the energy and the auric field but you will also see a change in your client’s mood, affect and state of conscious awareness. Except in cases of severe toxicity where your clients may become temporarily disoriented by the swirling of the toxic energy in their field. Once the toxic energy is removed you will be able to see the true impact of the work.

In the Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Intensives you will also learn that the best defense against toxic energy, fatigue, burn out, sickness etc. is to regularly build up your auric field through Qigong practices. We will teach you how to be the bigger wave. The bigger wave never has to worry about the smaller wave over taking it.  We will teach you how to build up your energy field so as to be a bigger, more positive, more clear light and therefore bigger wave than any negativity or sickness that comes to your door.

Adding Medical Qigong practices to your personal life as a lay person or as a practitioner can have a profound impact on your everyday life. You will learn a multitude of Qigong practices to help you alchemize stress and restore balance to your body and your life.

Adding Medical Qigong to your Acupuncture, Massage, Chiropractic, Counseling, Reiki or other healing practice can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and efficiency of your treatments and/ or counseling sessions.

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We have both live Workshops and an online course: Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Intensives: Alchemizing and Restoring Balance coming up in 2015.  Both programs are Nationally Certified by the NCCAOM for 15 PDA Points and California Board Approved for 15 CEU’s.  Other professionals and lay people are all welcome to take both of these courses.




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