Excerpt From a Previously Filmed Webinar with Qigong Master David J. Coon

“David has a true talent for transmitting the essence of Qigong through a mixture of theory, practical examples, anecdotes, guided exercises, and simply through his presence.”                              Professor Phil C.

Upcoming Webinar!  “Introduction to Clearing Foreign Energies with Qigong”

Friday November 20th, 2015

7 -8 pm East Coast Time/ 5-6 pm Mountain Time/ 4-5 pm West Coast Time

In this mini webinar you will learn to identify your own energetic space and learn to create energetic boundaries. You will also learn to clear your space of any foreign and unwanted energies.

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Qigong, Healing and Practices Of Enlightenment

My name is David J. Coon. Over thirty years ago I set out to heal myself of a severe spinal disease that the doctors said would cripple me by the time I was thirty years old. I was also suffering with many family issues and the mental and emotional pain that comes with that.

I set out on a course to heal myself and better my life. I knew little about things like Qigong and practices of meditation let alone the path to enlightenment. But in the course of trying to heal myself I found many teachers who helped me shift my entire reality and state of mind. I healed myself on more levels then I could have ever imagined.

In this webinar I will teach you some very specific Qigong exercises that I have learned from masters from around the world. They will fill you with light, literally. This will not only bring physical healing but healing that will affect the world around you in terms of your relationships and your interactions with other people.

Build a Brilliant Auric Field With Qigong

Your Auric Field is your magnet. It is a force of electro-magnetism and just like a magnet it has the power to both attract and repel other magnets. Every human being is like a magnet so therefore you are attracting certain people and repelling others. Every situation is a magnet.

A good offense negates the need for any defense. Having a big, bright and brilliant auric field attracts unto you opportunities of people, places, things and events that resonate with higher vibrations, a higher order if you will.

In this webinar you will learn ancient secret Qigong techniques on how to brighten and super charge your auric field helping you to attract the people. places, things and events you truly desire to experience most.


Heal Your Life Now With Qigong

Learn to become a Conscious Creator rather than the person who creates their life from fear and from reaction. Reactionary creation, creates the same problems over and over again. If we feel like we are on a loop and we want to get off that ride to live something new than we need a different plan, a different path. Qigong might just be that path for you. As a practice it can help you to eliminate the past and open the door to greater people, places and possibilities now!

Qigong and Mindfulness

Learn Qigong,  Meditation and Mindfulness practices to quiet the mind, reduce stress and revitalize your subtle energy. Qigong and  Meditation are conscious practices of moving, breathing and being. Mindfulness essentially means being aware, being mindful, being conscious. In this webinar David teaches some of the deeper philosophies and mindsets on how to best move through your life with more elegance. As our approach to life becomes more elegant we can conserve important life force energy, live happier and healthier lives.

Empower Your Life With Qigong

In this webinar you will learn to empower your life by exercising your great mind and its ability to breathe the body, create, think, speak over your life, write your story the way you want, chant, consciously intend, and command energy. In this regard we can create our personal reality and attract the people, places and events we desire to attract.

Qigong and the Art of Being

We live in a busy world and many of us are exhausted from doing too much. This may involve physical doing and busy schedules but the greater loss of energy is the mental “doing” the incessant, non productive, reactionary thinking. In this webinar learn to quiet the mind and learn to practice “doing nothing.” Doing nothing is Presence, it is connection to inner being, connection to Infinity.

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