Private Medical Qigong Phone or Zoom Session – 60 Min. – with David J Coon

$ 350.00

Private Medical Qigong Phone or Skype Session with David J Coon, Medical Qigong Master. This is a 60 Minute healing session.

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Private Medical Qigong Phone or Zoom Session with David J Coon, Medical Qigong Master.  This is a 60-Minute healing session. David will call you on the phone or by Zoom for your scheduled healing session. You will sit or lie down during the session and be restful while David speaks to you about the energy dynamics, playing out in your life, your relationships, and your physical body. David will offer medical intuition and Medical Qigong Healing.

David will transmit energy and guide you through the transformational healing. Enjoy the experience.

In the process of healing these energy dynamics, a client’s physical body will go through a series of unwinding and release type movements, including, yawning, swallowing, and deep breaths. David will guide this entire process including grounding the client towards the end of the session. These energetic movements are related to everything and everyone in a person’s life because people, places, things, and events are all held in the energy field.

It is because of the Law of Attraction that we attract and/or repel other people and other experiences. This healing work changes the energy dynamics so that you begin to attract what you desire into your life and repel what is no longer serving you.

Once you have paid for the session please email us at [email protected] to schedule your appointment with David.

Instructor Bio

David is a Medical Qigong Master with over thirty years of experience facilitating healing for people using Medical Qigong. He is currently an accredited continuing education provider by the NCCAOM, Texas Medical Board, CE Broker, Florida State Board for Acupuncture and Massage Therapy, and California Acupuncture Board.

David is the author of Qigong For Beginners: Your Path to Greater Health & Vitality available on Amazon. David has also been featured on KGNU radio programs, in newspapers around the country, and has published articles in Magazines including “Medical Qigong and Acupuncture, A Cutting Edge Combination,” featured in Acupuncture Today.

Alongside his busy traveling, writing, and filming schedule David offers private Medical Qigong Healing Sessions, Personal Coaching, and Distance Healing around the country and beyond.