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  • Video: Qigong for Chi Fitness

    Qigong For Chi Fitness is a 25 Minute Qigong Exercise Video. In this video there is no verbal instruction. It is common in Asia for a Master to teach without any verbal instruction. The teacher teaches silently.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong For Weightloss

    Qigong for Weight Loss is a 20 minute exercise video. We recommend starting your day with this practice to increase metabolism and burns fat.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong for Stress Reduction

    Qigong For Stress Reduction is a 20 minute Video for reducing stress and detoxing and purging the harmful affects of daily stress upon the body. You will learn a specific Qigong exercise routine that is recommended to be practiced daily.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong For Energy

    Qigong For Energy is a 20-minute video taught by David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master. David demonstrates a variety of Qigong exercises to build and develop potent and powerful energy. This video will energize you!Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong Challenge

    Qigong Challenge is a 40 minute exercise video. You will learn the ancient healing practice from China called Qigong. You will learn more challenging Qigong exercises, still poses, breathing techniques and use of sound to heal the body. This is an intermediate level practice.Buy Video
  • Video: Qigong for Beginners

    Qigong for Beginners is a 20 minute exercise video. You will learn the ancient healing practice from China called Qigong. In this instructional video you will learn the mindful movements, breathing and healing power of this 5000 year old practice.Buy Video
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    Online 15 Unit CEU Course: Medical Qigong For Back Pain – Acupuncture & Massage CEUs

    $ 299.00 $ 199.00
    David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master Instructor and Healer will teach you to cultivate Qi and direct this Qi for alleviating low, middle and upper back pain in this online ceu course. Learn MoreAdd to cart
  • Qigong Class

    $ 20.00
    Come join us for Qigong class in Wilmington, NC! This Qigong class is taught in a workshop style. David creates an original class each week to inspire and lead you to greater health and vitality.Add to cart