May 5, 2021
Student shares about taking Live 5 CEU Medical Qigong Webinar – May 1, 2021
As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher arrives… I was ready and David arrived! I have taken many classes now with David and have had the privilege of his generous wisdom when I was most in need.
Pay very close attention because everything he says and I mean every word, is gold. His every word and movement is intentional, and has layers of meaning behind it, he is always ten steps ahead but knows exactly where to take you and how ready you are to go there. He is always laying the groundwork for the next level whether you know it or not. He is a genuine Master that operates from the heart, if you have a pulse, these offerings and his teachings are for you, especially if you are a practitioner ready to take your practice to the next level. He’s a true gift to the community and you will feel empowered by his teachings not to mention very lucky to have found such a Teacher to learn from, his Qi knows no bounds of time and space – you can feel the power in person, over zoom too, or if you are a part of the monthly long distance healing – YOU WILL FEEL IT!