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How was your Qigong Experience?

…he has a way of welcoming and educating people in a compassionate way.

David is a great instructor! If you know nothing about the practice, or have been practicing for years, he has a way of welcoming and educating people in a compassionate way. His method allows you to learn about yourself and how to bring daily healing practices into your life. I highly recommend this course and Qigong Awareness.

Keith Chisholm Lay Person Wilmington, NC January 27, 2020

We are very grateful for what you all do!

I wanted to thank you again for sending healing energy to Bebe. She has been doing well since a few days after the first Wednesday of the month, when we also decided to stop giving the oral medicine she was taking for an extended period of time. Her energy level and walking have been normal, and her facial wounds have decreased in size and stopped showing drainage. We are very grateful for what you all do!

I wish you an amazing 2020 filled with blessings!

Sherrie January 2, 2020

Best CEU class I’ve taken by far!

Best CEU class I've taken by far! Loved the discussion on the chakras and the endocrine system. I'm definitely looking forward to taking more classes!

Lauren Grace, Acupuncturist – Sarasota, FL December 30, 2019

I am so happy to have taken this course!

I am so happy to have taken this course! It was so energizing and made me want to jump around or laugh out loud. The energy also had calming moments during treatment techniques when all I wanted to do was fall asleep. Thank you Qigong Awareness I can not wait to further my studies!

Much love and peace - Bella!

Bella Naomi - 9 years old - Gymnast, Artist North Carolina December 23, 2019

Miracles can happen…

Healing Clinics are a great way to take a time out and boost your energy and calm the mind.  During the clinic, David can bring you to an elevated state of consciousness where healing of the mind and body can occur. I have been filled with profound energy and feel a sense of peace. As others in the room heal and transform the energy rises and you feel profound love. Miracles can happen...

Linda Whildin, MQP, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Massage Therapist – Boulder, CO December 9, 2019

…I feel a sense of euphoria and a deeper connection to life.

Whenever I go to David’s group healing clinics I feel a sense of euphoria and a deeper connection to life. I am truly amazed every time I experience this profound healing energy. I am so grateful.

Sharon Chung – Teacher December 9, 2019

…they called with my results today. My count has climbed up to 133!

Hey David.  Got some news today.

So I told you how my CD4 counts were dropping and I wanted to
reverse the trend by adding QiGong to my regimine.

Last November (2010) they were at 130.

This May (2011) they dropped to 110.

This Aug they dropped again to 95 – that’s when I got concerned.

I’ve been holding the intention since I started doing this
QiGong practice in September that I just wanted to reverse the trend.  I
was asking that my counts go back to at least 110 or higher on this next
doctor’s visit.

I went to the doctor’s last Friday and they called with my
results today.  My count has climbed up to 133!

Tony - Denver, CO December 9, 2019

…and even jogged for 20 minutes – haven’t done that in years.

After my first Medical Qigong treatment my energy level
surged on Sunday.  I suddenly could take my 8pm dance class after
working a full week (took 5 the first week) and even jogged for 20 minutes –
haven’t done that in years.”

Nancy Fuller, L.Ac., Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), MSOM, Live Well Acupuncture – Charlotte, NC December 9, 2019

David’s healing energy works.

Lea’s Testimonial

My service dog, Lea, had been helped multiple times by David’s
distance healing program. The first time was when she was hit by a car and
suffered a dislocated hip that required surgery. Initially, the vet said they
would have to do a procedure where the head of the femur was removed to repair
her hip. I immediately contacted David and he began doing healing work on Lea.
Forty-eight hours later when the surgery was done, she did not have to have the
more invasive procedure. The vet was able to secure the hip back in place with
a less invasive procedure. Her healing process post-surgery was sped up through
David’s healing work and today people are amazed when I tell them what she went
through. There are no signs that she was ever injured.

Most recently, Lea woke up one morning, was lethargic and would
not eat. She would sit by my bed in obvious discomfort and would shake when I
touched her. David sent healing to Lea and within 5 minutes she got up went
outside for a few minutes and sat in the sunshine. When she came back in she
ate a few bites, went and got her ball, and brought it to me to play. Within 10
minutes of David sending healing, Lea went from obviously sick and not feeling
well to wanting to play. When Lea has had an upset stomach before, it has taken
her 24 hours to get back to normal. Through David’s healing, this time it took
about 10 minutes. David’s healing energy works.

Lea & Melissa – Carolina Beach, NC December 9, 2019

The holes in the heart were completely healed and the surgery was cancelled.

Our baby boy was born with holes in his heart like “Swiss Cheese,” the doctors said. At only eight weeks old he was scheduled to have open heart surgery in two months, at four months old. He was attached to an oxygen tank 24/7 and he would roll his head around as if he was in some sort of pain. After two months of regular work with David we took our boy in to check his heart. The doctors said some of the small holes had disappeared. They said that this was strange but that the heart still needed surgery. At four months we took him in to the doctors again and they were amazed! We were amazed! The holes in the heart were completely healed and the surgery was cancelled. The doctors asked us if we believed in a higher power. We told him yes we do, that higher power was whatever came through David.

Pam - Denver, CO December 9, 2019

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