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How was your Qigong Experience?

My attitude and life have been forever altered.

My experience working with Qigong Awareness has been profound. My attitude and life have been forever altered. Qigong is a wonderful way to feel better, have a better life, and attitude. My body has improved and will continue too. Namaste.

Daniela Stevenson, MT - Hampton, VA March 15, 2020

That was magical!!!

This course far exceeded my expectations! I feel so grounded and peaceful! David's knowledge and skill were inspiring and transformative! I am looking forward to the journey that lies ahead and completing my certification. The absolute highlight was practicing the Qigong Exercises at Buddha Point each morning. That was magical!!!



Kirsty Docken, EAMP, LAc, MSOM, MASLP - Gig Harbor, WA February 22, 2020

His awareness and guidance were very timely.

The highlights of this workshop for me were being the subject of healing demonstrations and David's numerous insights - for the class in general and for me personally. His awareness and guidance were very timely.

Joe Voss, LAc - Oceanside, CA February 22, 2020

…best CEU course I’ve ever taken.  I loved it…

I learned so much through this course, and there were so many "aha" and eye-opening moments! I'm now armed with more tools for healing and look forward to learning even more in the future. Thank you so much!

Also, I wanted to say that this is the best CEU course I've ever taken.  I loved it and learned so much.  Thank you so much for offering it (and for offering continuing education credit)!  I can't wait to take more of your courses in the future.  I actually looked it up on a whim just to see what Medical Qigong courses might possibly offer CEU's since I've wanted to learn more about Medical Qigong anyway.  I'm so glad I did!!

Diane Gold, LAc - Healing Point Acupuncture - Tallahassee, FL February 21, 2020

…the structure of his course is crystal clear and most informative.

I firmly believe that Acupuncture Physicians should practice Qigong for personal self-healing, and I have incorporated teaching Qigong to my patients and the general public for many years. David Coon's Qigong courses will widen the scope of my practice and classes as well. David is an excellent teacher and the structure of his course is crystal clear and most informative.

Deirdre Kocica, LAc - Hoshino Therapy Clinic - Deerfield, Beach, FL February 21, 2020

…he has a way of welcoming and educating people in a compassionate way.

David is a great instructor! If you know nothing about the practice, or have been practicing for years, he has a way of welcoming and educating people in a compassionate way. His method allows you to learn about yourself and how to bring daily healing practices into your life. I highly recommend this course and Qigong Awareness.

Keith Chisholm Lay Person Wilmington, NC January 27, 2020

We are very grateful for what you all do!

I wanted to thank you again for sending healing energy to Bebe. She has been doing well since a few days after the first Wednesday of the month, when we also decided to stop giving the oral medicine she was taking for an extended period of time. Her energy level and walking have been normal, and her facial wounds have decreased in size and stopped showing drainage. We are very grateful for what you all do!

I wish you an amazing 2020 filled with blessings!

~ 3 Months Later ~

I just wanted to say again, thank you very much for all your support to Bebe, Buster and my dad. Bebe has been amazing! She is very energetic, jumping and chasing other dogs like how she was when she was much younger, and her wound is now dry with a scab forming over it. Buster is still eating well and able to move around comfortably, even with the visible swelling in different areas. And dad has been well and strong, able to help out with lots of chores at home, especially during this shelter-in-place period. I truly appreciate all the healing and prayers our family has received from you. 
We will continue to take care of ourselves and also work on securing care for our dogs in the Philippines during the upcoming stricter lockdown across multiple towns. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy in this very challenging time.

Sherrie January 2, 2020

Best CEU class I’ve taken by far!

Best CEU class I've taken by far! Loved the discussion on the chakras and the endocrine system. I'm definitely looking forward to taking more classes!

Lauren Grace, Acupuncturist – Sarasota, FL December 30, 2019

I am so happy to have taken this course!

I am so happy to have taken this course! It was so energizing and made me want to jump around or laugh out loud. The energy also had calming moments during treatment techniques when all I wanted to do was fall asleep. Thank you Qigong Awareness I can not wait to further my studies!

Much love and peace - Bella!

Bella Naomi - 9 years old - Gymnast, Artist North Carolina December 23, 2019

Miracles can happen…

Healing Clinics are a great way to take a time out and boost your energy and calm the mind.  During the clinic, David can bring you to an elevated state of consciousness where healing of the mind and body can occur. I have been filled with profound energy and feel a sense of peace. As others in the room heal and transform the energy rises and you feel profound love. Miracles can happen...

Linda Whildin, MQP, Medical Qigong Practitioner, Massage Therapist – Boulder, CO December 9, 2019

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