July 29, 2022

Student Kai Shares after completing two Private Retreats with David J. Coon

I first met David through Live CEU Workshops for massage therapists, which was of great benefit. I quickly realized he was sharing something very potent. I chose next to take the Level 1 Qigong Instructor Certification Training Program. This took me to another level of personal integration. After witnessing some inner transformation of myself and those I’ve shared this art with, I opted to do private coaching calls and private retreats with David.

I can not express the potency and deep integration this has been for me. I was seeking safety in my own body (among other topics) as a woman in this world. I feel safe enough but also had this old story of not being safe. And frankly, I was mad about it. After working with David in only 2 private retreats, I have to say I have a DEEP sense of calm and knowing of safety I did not think was possible. David is a true master. Like a real deal master! If you are ready for a shift, get personal time and attention in a private retreat and bask in his vibration.

Kai Amanda Baylis, LMT – Raleigh, NC

Kai is a Qigong Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Tantric Yoga Instructor, and Raw Food and Cancer Coach. Visit her site – The Living Room