February 9, 2022

Student Shares While taking Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior Online Course

I am taking the Peaceful Warrior Medical Qigong workshop and am totally enjoying it!  I had 4 years of Qigong during acupuncture school but never got as much from it as I am getting from David’s class and the wonderful energy he brings to it.

I’ve been a meditator for 40 years, studied, and practiced healing for almost as long.  David resonates with such authenticity in his teaching.  Clearly, he has done and is doing his own work. That makes this presentation of Qigong so appealing to me.  Cultivating energy throughout my body and field is what I’m needing and am drawn to right now.  And, because David’s presentation is so energetically congruent and genuine,  it’s a joy to practice along with the video.  The energy comes across very powerfully even in a recorded webinar.

Thank you and David for your work!

Stacia Bevan, LAc – Tulsa, OK