October 6, 2021

Student Shares after completing Live 5 CEU Webinar: Medical Qigong – Wei Qi For Greater Immunity

For many years I have wanted to have a Qigong practice but I somehow never connected with the art despite trying several times with different classes. This time it was different. David’s love of the art of Qigong and his commitment to practice is very contagious. I enjoyed his classes very much and I continue to enjoy practicing from the video replays.
I would like to say why I found his classes so enjoyable. I think they were very well balanced between demonstrations, practice, philosophy, and stories from his life, his Qigong practice, and his healing work. As a fellow practitioner, I learned from his stories from his healing practice.
I appreciated that the Live Webinars were 5 hours with a break every hour. I felt good after both Live Webinars instead of burned out as I often do at the end of an 8-hour CEU class.  I also appreciated that David taught a good amount of material, enough so you felt that you had really learned something and were inspired to keep practicing it but not so much as to be overwhelmed. I appreciated the pace that David went over the material. It allowed me to master the material (or begin to master the material). I was able to stay centered and feel the benefits of what was taking place in my energy because I was not having to try to keep up with the teaching as one often does in classes where you are learning exercises.
Thank you again for your teaching.
Pam Reynolds, LAc – Berkeley, CA