May 9, 2022

Student Shares After Completing Online 15 CEU Course The Eight Brocades For Longevity

Each time I take one of David’s courses, I feel it makes me a better practitioner of Acupuncture and Qigong and benefits me with more vitality and energy to give to my practice.


I feel the Eight Brocades Qigong Exercises are a terrific way to start my morning, and then I like to practice again in the afternoon. The exercises are easy, and I can do them outside in the fresh air. I also invite students to do them with me.


David, for me, this is your best effort yet. I refer all of my patients to your website, hoping they will embrace Qigong. I always give them a simple Qigong Exercise for whatever issues they are having. Also, I have forwarded an email to them regarding your Qigong Summit so they can get an introduction to your Qigong.


Margie Parolisi, Ph.D., LAC – Tucson, AZ

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