October 29, 2022

Student Linhua Shares After Completing Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Intensive: Alchemizing Stress & Restoring Balance

Truly an intensive course, jam-packed with health-building Qigong exercises, practices, and treatment demos, along with David Coon’s show and tell for the detailed explanation of each technique, esp. his words of wisdom from the Q&A.

What were the highlights of this course?

There are so many: the concept of the lower dantian as the powerhouse, the importance of exhalation to remove toxins, the endocrine system can be influenced by the willful mind, and the emphasis on awareness building, …. If I have to pick one as the highlight of my highlights, it is the stillness techniques. I have been benefiting from practicing being still, without which all of my other highlights will just be profound understanding.

Linhua Wang-Kim, CMT & Intuitive Healer –  Pasadena, CA