October 22, 2020

I feel so much gratitude for this amazing work, your flexibility allowing me to make it really work for me with greater ease and the timing.. how it all evolved these last few years. This online version is so much easier for me to follow and you both have worked so hard to get out this amazing information that is transformational to my body and life, and soon my livelihood. The notes on the meaning of the various back pain situations are so much more detailed and helpful than I have seen before. I have taken the opportunity to read David’s book 3 times now, and the combination of all these things is making much possible for me on all levels of my being.

I now look forward to more healing and sharing this with many people. I was part of the wave of massage starting 35 yrs ago, I can now look forward to being part of the wave of Qigong becoming accepted and commonly practiced. I too envision this future. Thank you Tanya and David for making this possible for me, and for me to share it, through your accessible programs.