July 11, 2021

Student Shares After Completing: Live 5 CEU Webinar: Medical Qigong & The Eight Brocades For Longevity

Whatever the alchemy was that drew me to David as my Master – I’m ever so grateful.
It appears as though he sees your soul because he has the ability to always have just the perfect thing to say at just the perfect time.
I’ve stopped wondering how he does it and I have just accepted that he is so far ahead of me. He already knows where I’m going and more importantly where he knows I need to go. I just accept and move in that direction trying to take in all the knowledge he shares. I also implement the practices that he knows works, through his own experience.
It’s been years now that I’ve taken his classes and been the lucky recipient. Many many times his wisdom has helped me when I needed it most.
He is most generous with his years of accumulated knowledge.
I also often refer to his book – and keep it with me at all times. His book is loaded with practical places to start changing your life. He doesn’t just teach Qigong moves. He explains why you’re doing these moves and how it benefits you physically and spiritually – he has reasons for everything.
David is a game-changer – he’s a Master who truly lives what he teaches, count yourself very lucky if you found his courses, his CEU’s, his book, his monthly long-distance healing, or youtube instructional videos – then take a deep dive on what he teaches, because he speaks the truth.