May 28, 2020

Tanya’s Distance Acupuncture course came at a perfect time. With the current state of things a good number of patients have temporarily discontinued treatment. Though they’ve all communicated they miss their acupuncture greatly and can’t wait to get back, they’re unsure of when they’ll feel safe enough to return. Their health concerns still need assistance and their stress levels have increased due to isolation and fear.

After taking the course I feel empowered knowing I have something valuable to share with them. I also now feel confident in applying my intuitive skills from afar and provide those patients a distant acupuncture experience I feel resembles an in-office treatment (with the added bonus of not having the usual abrupt shift back to reality when having to drive back to work or home). I switched over to using an extremely gentle needling technique myself as you shared for the last few years and my patients absolutely love it (they barely feel anything plus still the same great results).

I did also just take the Medical Qigong Intensive: The Ultimate Mind Body Medicine which I feel prepared me well for this class. I will definitely be taking more classes with Tanya and David – I am grateful for their positive impact on my and my patients’ lives. Thank you!