August 24, 2022

Student Shares After Completing Live 15 CEU Workshop in Asheville, NC

I feel such immense gratitude for your family and the space you all hold. It is evident in how tuned-in you all are. Even Bella is so obviously centered and well-poised inside herself at just 12 years old.
I just wanted to let you and David know how much I enjoyed the Qigong Workshop this past weekend. It was so refreshing to be reminded of how accessible health and vitality are when we simply bring our breath, intention, and energy to the body. There are many layers to my appreciation… and so much I could share.. but for now, I will simply say a heartfelt thank you! This really means more to me than you both could know… and I intend to follow this path with you all, for myself and humanity.
In Joy,


Aurora Seraphine, LMT, Certified Hypnotist, Sound Healer, Integrative Holistic Healing Practitioner- Fletcher, NC