February 4, 2022

Student Roger Lockshier shares after completing the Level I Certification Program

I want to personally thank you for the tremendous impact this has made on my life. I’ve had a compressed disc in my lower back (between L5-S1) since 2001. My pain had gotten so bad over the years that weight gain and mobility became a major issue for me. I worked for over a decade in traditional healthcare as a nurse but left that occupation 4 years ago to dedicate myself to healing work for myself and with others as well. In the last year since taking this course, I’ve literally healed my back, and lost 40 pounds! At age 52 I’m healthier now than I have been in years. Although the before image is embarrassing for me, I’ve attached pictures of my transformation.
I absolutely loved this. Qigong is now a big part of my daily life, both as a personal practice and one that I look forward to sharing with others in my healing practice.
I look forward to continuing with the Level 2 Certification Program and beyond.
Infinite Gratitude!
Oneness ~ Roger Lockshier – Wilmington, NC