Good question. We do not accept credit from other schools since this is a certification program that is specific to our school. We do encourage students to take from other schools as well. Once they have learned our techniques, we also encourage students to begin to incorporate different schools’ techniques to create their own unique style. There is not only one way in Qigong. There are many, many ways to practice Qigong. Imagine someone asking you only to eat only one type of Chinese food? Only Szechuan? Shanghai? Cantonese? Then there are all the different styles that developed from each family and the evolution over generations. Qigong has numerous styles, just as Chinese food has almost as many styles as there are Chinese Chefs. There is no reason to limit ourselves. If you have found one Qigong teacher that speaks to you and for a time you only want to study with that one teacher, then, by all means, focus, study and learn. There is just no need to limit ourselves or anyone else when there is so much to be experienced in this bountiful world.