131 Medical Qigong is a 2000 plus year old practice from China. Every day in China people practice gathering what the Chinese people call Chi. In Chinese medicine theory it is believed that all disease stems from a stagnation and/ or depletion of Chi. Chi to the Chinese people is considered to be an invisible life force that gives rise to all living things. When a being is full of this life force they are happy, healthy and prosperous. When the Chi has become diminished or depleted from their being, disease begins to form.

We can think of dis-ease as any form of mind body discomfort or suffering and it is wise to realize that dis-ease is a precursor to various labeled diseases if we do not address it. The idea here is that if there is discomfort, if there is uneasiness or anxiety, or obsessive fear, or depression or back pain or recurring headaches then we know the Chi has become blocked. If we ignore it, if we throw medicines at it without addressing the bigger picture then we are actually intensifying the stagnation and therefore toxicity in the body mind. (The more the stagnation, the more the toxicity, the more the toxicity, the more the dis-ease.)

In Chinese Medicine Medical Qigong there are a couple of ways in general to get the Chi moving again. The first means is Qigong practice itself. If a person is healthy enough to practice Qigong then it is recommended that they do so daily. Specific routines or exercises may be given different people as prescriptions to begin healing themselves. Broader routines to gather Chi are often given to people who are able to practice a variety of exercises. This is of course the best approach but cannot be done by everyone.

The second way in which Masters or Doctors of Medical Qigong get the Chi moving is through internal and external Chi transmissions. Through many years of disciplined Qigong practice and Medical Qigong studies a master can transmit Chi directly into the patient’s energy field. Sometimes the master will transmit the Chi with hands on and other times the master will transmit with no touch. Modern scientific equipment can measure Chi, to some degree and it has been found that Masters of Qigong can transmit 1000 times the current of electricity as those who are ill and transmit 100 times greater electrical charge than your average healthy and fit person.

When the Chi is blocked, stuck, stagnating then dis-ease, discomfort and/or pain are inevitable. Chi rides on the breath into the body. The breath in the average human being is not free but rather it is constricted. 75% of the toxins in the blood are supposed to be removed through the exhalation or the out breath. The problem is that due to previous or current mental, emotional or physical stress of some kind, we unconsciously hold our breath. Not only do we hold the breath but we also hold the emotional charge of the stress as well. For most people this stress is a combination of both past occurrences and present ones as well.

Past stress such as a “traumatic event” that occurred in our lives such as a car accident or being yelled at or hit by our father caused us to hold our breath as a survival instinct. When this holding occurred it occurred on many levels. This holding involves the mind, the breath, the emotions, the cells and tissues. These events and many others such as: being humiliated by other children or a teacher at school, or all the years that your mom or dad’s thoughts berated your sanity, these reactions are collectively held in your cellular memory.

Physically you may have been exposed to chemicals or radiation or some other form of toxicity. This in turn will block your Chi too. Regardless of where the blockage began, whether on the level of the mental, emotional or physical they all tie together and they all meet in the body. So the body is where we need to focus and where we need to work with the Chi.

When we talk about Chi we are talking about vital life force, something that is the essence of life itself, something that is somehow tied to the source of life, of existence. For over five thousand years Qigong has been practiced in China. There are masters of Qigong who can light up light bulbs with their bare hands, have a baseball bat broken over their heads with no injury to them what so ever. There are masters who can sit outside half naked in sub zero degree temperatures and cause a towel on their back to produce steam!

When I was younger I was diagnosed with severe scoliosis, a degenerative spinal disease. I was told that my spine looked as though I was eighty five years old and was told that I would be crippled by the time I was thirty. At the time I was very active in sports until the pain began to set in. I became very discouraged and stopped playing sports and turned my attention to trying to find some form of healing for myself.

The western medical doctors said that there was nothing they could do except possibly some surgery. I began turning to alternative practices like chiropractic and acupuncture and massage. Even though I was in pain and had quit the sports I was playing I somehow was drawn into the martial arts. It was through martial arts and through one of my first teachers who was a Martial Art Master that I was exposed to Qigong. Simultaneously I had a teacher who was a doctor of oriental medicine and he exposed me to Medical Qigong.

I went on to study with other masters who taught me many subtleties of Medical Qigong healing, Qigong practice and meditation. Through these practices I completely healed myself of the physical disease and along with the departure of that disease went a whole lot of other mental and emotional garbage. I think the most important thing to realize is that Qigong is a practice. It is the practice required to gather this vital life force. You have to practice it. You are not going to get this kind of life force through aerobics or even bicycling although both are great for you. Qigong practice has a very unique and super natural element to it. Medical Qigong is also quite profound! You can benefit from the years of a masters practice. I did this a lot in my own journey to becoming a master.

A master who has practiced for many years has embodied something, connected with something that you can only imagine or dream about. You cannot just wake up one day and be a master. Mastery of anything takes time. The thing that is amazing about Medical Qigong is that a master can transmit to you the Chi that he gathers. A master being more skilled then a beginner for example can gather many times more Chi then the beginner can. The beginner or the person who is too I’ll to practice can take in the Chi from the master and his body mind will begin to heal from that current of energy.

Masters in China are healing everything from A-Z, cancer, mysterious disease, common aches and pains and so on. Medical Qigong is being hailed around the world as a miracle medicine. I personally have transmitted Chi to others for over twenty five years. I have clients who have healed a myriad of conditions including pain, emotional trauma, illness and disease. I have had many a medical doctor say to my clients that a medical miracle has taken place.

When it comes to the healing of any kind I highly recommend putting a large emphasis on your body. Your body is a meeting place where your mind,your emotions, your spiritual being all come together. So many people in trying to heal themselves want to avoid the body, want to avoid pain, emotional stirring, fear, greed, jealousy, anger, rage, confusion, sadness, etc. So many want avoid the body and its signs of dis-ease or discomfort or pain. There is only one way out of all of that and that is to go through it!

Qigong practice will take you through it to the degree that you can practice, to the degree that you are willing to expose all of yourself to the practice and to the degree that you can will yourself to do it. You get out what you put into Qigong. You will not be master overnight nor should you be concerned with ever being one. Just practice. The joy that comes after you have turned pain into pleasure is what will call you back to it. When you have turned dis-ease into bliss, you will come back to the practice the next time you have dis-ease.

When we talk about toning up and slimming down the body we are referring to shedding excess density, excess weight and excess toxicity. This toxicity can be on the level of the physical in extra unwanted weight but more importantly it is about the density that is hiding in the body that is causing dis-ease, discomfort, pain or lethargy. Fat or excess weight from a Qigong standpoint is no better or worse than the dis-ease, discomfort, pain or lethargy that a thin person is experiencing. So regardless of how your pain I s manifesting Qigong can clear it up. For some it may be that your excess fat or unwanted weight begins to disappear. For others your pain dissolves. For others a physical illness is healed.

Aside from all of the esoteric aspects of Qigong it is a great physical exercise. In terms of physical fitness it is a very efficient way to get in shape. Studies have shown that people who practice Qigong regularly develop bone strength that is equivalent to people who regularly lift weights. Studies have shown that Qigong boosts both mood and immune function. I do not know of any studies done yet on Qigong and weight loss.

Many forms of Qigong are slow and easy. Our form of Qigong comes from my extensive training with Doctors of Medical Qigong, Martial Art Masters and Meditation masters so you will get blend of both hard and soft styles. This combination is a great workout, a very powerful meditation and overall a very powerful healing practice. It will strengthen the body both inside and out. Some Qigong masters will say the inside is most important do not worry about the outside others will say the outside reflects the inside. I say both are important to total health and well being.