January 2, 2020

I wanted to thank you again for sending healing energy to Bebe. She has been doing well since a few days after the first Wednesday of the month, when we also decided to stop giving the oral medicine she was taking for an extended period of time. Her energy level and walking have been normal, and her facial wounds have decreased in size and stopped showing drainage. We are very grateful for what you all do!

I wish you an amazing 2020 filled with blessings!

~ 3 Months Later ~

I just wanted to say again, thank you very much for all your support to Bebe, Buster and my dad. Bebe has been amazing! She is very energetic, jumping and chasing other dogs like how she was when she was much younger, and her wound is now dry with a scab forming over it. Buster is still eating well and able to move around comfortably, even with the visible swelling in different areas. And dad has been well and strong, able to help out with lots of chores at home, especially during this shelter-in-place period. I truly appreciate all the healing and prayers our family has received from you. 
We will continue to take care of ourselves and also work on securing care for our dogs in the Philippines during the upcoming stricter lockdown across multiple towns. I hope you are all staying safe and healthy in this very challenging time.