October 1, 2018

“I had not even heard of Qigong when I first walked into David Coon’s class while vacationing in Wilmington, but 5 minutes in, I knew I was hooked. David is more than an incredible instructor and a healer, he is a walking miracle and his light is absolutely infectious! Through practicing the techniques he taught me, I healed my back pain, and knee and hip pain that had been slowing me down for years. I no longer have need to see my chiropractor. But more importantly, David has given me tools to heal myself of past trauma and manage my anxiety. After months of debilitating night sweats, heart palpitations, chest pressure, nausea, and sleeping only 2 to 3 hours a night, he has taught me how to ground myself and recognize the healing power of mind over matter (energy). My awakening process has been a mixed bag of highs and lows, and he has helped me tremendously along the way… with his words… with his wisdom… and with his energy. I honestly cannot recommend him enough! I look forward to working with David again next month in my own home town of Tampa Bay. Do not miss the opportunity to work with this true master and angel on earth!”