December 9, 2019

Lea’s Testimonial

My service dog, Lea, had been helped multiple times by David’s
distance healing program. The first time was when she was hit by a car and
suffered a dislocated hip that required surgery. Initially, the vet said they
would have to do a procedure where the head of the femur was removed to repair
her hip. I immediately contacted David and he began doing healing work on Lea.
Forty-eight hours later when the surgery was done, she did not have to have the
more invasive procedure. The vet was able to secure the hip back in place with
a less invasive procedure. Her healing process post-surgery was sped up through
David’s healing work and today people are amazed when I tell them what she went
through. There are no signs that she was ever injured.

Most recently, Lea woke up one morning, was lethargic and would
not eat. She would sit by my bed in obvious discomfort and would shake when I
touched her. David sent healing to Lea and within 5 minutes she got up went
outside for a few minutes and sat in the sunshine. When she came back in she
ate a few bites, went and got her ball, and brought it to me to play. Within 10
minutes of David sending healing, Lea went from obviously sick and not feeling
well to wanting to play. When Lea has had an upset stomach before, it has taken
her 24 hours to get back to normal. Through David’s healing, this time it took
about 10 minutes. David’s healing energy works.