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Find a Qigong Instructor or Medical Qigong Practitioner

When choosing an Instructor or Practitioner it is helpful to know about the different levels of certification. The levels progress in the following order: QI 50, QI 100, QI 150, QI 200, MQP (300 hr program).  A QI 50 – QI 200 instructor is qualified through Qigong Awareness to teach Qigong classes. A QI 200 graduate is additionally qualified to teach mini Qigong Workshops. The MQP (Medical Qigong Practioner) practitioner has successfully completed a 300-hour training program in both Qigong instruction and Medical Qigong Healing. Medical Qigong Practitioners are qualified to teach both Qigong classes and give Medical Qigong Treatments. The MQP practitioner has also completed all of the QI 50 – QI 200 programs.

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