Soheila Beberness, M.S. TCM; soheilab@live.com
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After many years of practicing traditional Chinese medicine (acupuncture and Chinese herbology), Soheila has decided to solely put her focus on sharing tools and practices of Tai chi, Qigong and yoga with her clients. The intent behind this mission is to enable individuals to help themselves in creating better health and vitality leading to a more fulfilled life. Soheila believes that preventive medicine is the best medicine and that the body has incredible healing powers when it is guided through dynamic movements, passive meditation involving breath work and mind exercises which can be done in any posture. And this is what 12Meridians-Fit as a holistic fitness approach will provide.

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Phone: (503) 381-1122
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Private and group classes in Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga. Focusing on addressing Stress and Anxiety, Longevity, Breath Work, Insomnia, Anti-inflammatory practices, Creating a cool head and warm body.

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4514 W. Alabama St. , Houston, TX
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