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I am a fifteen plus year state and nationally certified / licensed massage therapist. Eight plus years as an elite certified tantra yoga educator. RYT 200 Yoga instructor, Level 1 Qigong instructor and Raw Food and Cancer Coach. In my personal life I have healed from lyme disease, divorce, sexual trauma and addiction. As well as have learned to find balance in a same sex marriage. Both my personal events and course of studies have created a safe and sacred place to live from that I know we all deserve and can awaken to. I do believe it takes good guidance and your own ability to apply new life skills to reach a tipping point in your own life. I have been blessed with wonderful teachers in all these areas and struggled in finding the balance in my own life on where to start and how to go on at times.

In my 40's now , In a marriage I could not have imagined could be so good, with good health, tried and tested skills to make it through the waves of life, I can safely and confidently guide you in the use and application of these practices to move you toward the YOU you were meant to be.
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60 min Qigong weekly classes, 60 min Medical Qigong sessions, Tantra yoga, hatha yoga , massage therapy, raw food coaching, mediation coaching, white tantra classes.

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218 Snow Ave. Raleigh NC
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