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How was your Qigong Experience?

Johanna Wertheimer LAc, Skokie, IL student of Qigong Awareness, LLC shares after completing Peaceful Warrior Online CEU Course 15 PDA CEU

I’m humbled and awed at the healing that is occurring.

Student Shares After Completing Online 15 CEU Course - Medical Qigong For Back Pain

This class is amazing. Qigong is the tool we need to work with Qi to heal, clear negative energy, strengthen our bodies, and calm our minds. David gives over this timeless wisdom in such an easy way to understand and use in clinical practice.

Thank you, David. I am using these techniques in practice, and I'm humbled and awed at the healing that is occurring.

Johanna Wertheimer, L.Ac - Skokie, IL

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November 2, 2022

Jam-packed with health-building Qigong exercises..

Student Linhua Shares After Completing Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Intensive: Alchemizing Stress & Restoring Balance

Truly an intensive course, jam-packed with health-building Qigong exercises, practices, and treatment demos, along with David Coon's show and tell for the detailed explanation of each technique, esp. his words of wisdom from the Q&A.

What were the highlights of this course?

There are so many: the concept of the lower dantian as the powerhouse, the importance of exhalation to remove toxins, the endocrine system can be influenced by the willful mind, and the emphasis on awareness building, .... If I have to pick one as the highlight of my highlights, it is the stillness techniques. I have been benefiting from practicing being still, without which all of my other highlights will just be profound understanding.

Linhua Wang-Kim, CMT & Intuitive Healer -  Pasadena, CA

October 29, 2022

Lora Tod, LAc certified Qigong Instructor with Qigong Awareness, LLC she shares in a testimonial

I feel the best I’ve felt in about 20 years!

Certified Qigong Instructor with Qigong Awareness, Lora Tod, Shares After completing Level I

While I was familiar with David and Qigong Awareness through NCCAOM and his online classes, I had not had a chance to meet him in person before the Pandemic shut down.  I took a few months off from practicing acupuncture when the Pandemic started. It became a great time to study and get some CEUs completed.  David also began offering more live classes over Zoom, with half-day seminars and weekly classes.  From the beginning of the first class, I felt David was speaking directly to me, and I spent the next year participating in any class he was doing on Zoom.

The logical next step was to complete the Level 1 Certification for teaching. As I continued a consistent Qigong practice, I could feel many changes in my body - energy moving, increased balance and flexibility, emotional release, greater energy level, and the ability to stay calm in stressful situations.  Now I am teaching a weekly class, offering this knowledge to those in South East Michigan, where awareness of Qigong has been very limited.

David is very much a master teacher and healer, studying Qigong, martial arts, and other energy-healing modalities for almost 40 years.  David has the discipline to become an expert at whatever he studies, so there is a lot he can teach you!  One of the reasons I follow him as my teacher is I have heard him say, "I am not here to become your Master, I'm here to help you become Masters of yourselves," a statement that I highly value.  Now I am lucky enough to make yearly visits to Willmington for live seminars.  David and Tanya do an amazing job, and I've met so many great people in the classes.  At 48 years young, I feel the best I've felt in 20 years! I highly recommend Qigong Awareness Programs.

Lora Tod, LAc, QI-50 - Gross Pointe Woods, MI - Return To Balance - Acupuncture and Qigong Clinic

Level I Certification Program Link:

October 18, 2022

Erica Yang Acupuncturist Shares after completing Qigong Awareness 15 PDA CEU Course

I’m going to finish every course you offer.

Student Shares After Completing Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior

Are you interested in furthering your Qigong studies?

YES!!!!!! I'm going to finish every course you offer.

Somehow through the practice and listening to the lecture, I embodied what it is to be a peaceful warrior without trying. The program rewires you and your subconscious mind effortlessly when you just focus on the forms and listen.

ERICA YANG, LAc - Diamond Bar, CA

September 27, 2022

Nicole McIntyre Combined Acupuncture & Medical Qigong Session Healing Back Pain

Working with David and Tanya has saved me from having back surgery!

Working with David and Tanya has saved me from having back surgery! I was in such immense pain with a herniated disc, and having BOTH Tanya and David work on me in tandem has helped ease my pain and has enabled me to travel across the world to start my new job without having to take time off to get surgery. The intense and concentrated healing from them together is powerfully healing and beyond words.

Nicole McIntyre, International Elementary School Teacher - Saudi Arabia

September 19, 2022

Johanna Wertheimer LAc, Skokie, IL student of Qigong Awareness, LLC shares after completing Peaceful Warrior Online CEU Course 15 PDA CEU

This was the greatest class I ever took in my life!

Student Shares After Completing Online 15 CEU Course - Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior

This was the greatest class I ever took in my life! David is able to articulate concepts about qi in such a palpable way. He taught us how to cultivate qi, how to feel the qi, how to manipulate its movement for health and healing, and how to detect positive changes in people's energy fields. He gives over deep wisdom about esoteric spiritual things and teaches us how to use it practically to help ourselves and others.

David's love for teaching and helping is very strong. He is a true teacher. I am so grateful I got to learn from him. I will be using these techniques in my practice.

Johanna Wertheimer LAc - Skokie, IL

A live version of this online ceu course will be taught in Wilmington, NC and Asheville, NC in 2023. To view our live workshops click here:

September 12, 2022

Holly Sheppard LMT shares after completing 21 Day Qigong Challenge For Beginners with David J. Coon Medical Qigong Master

I really enjoyed this Qigong challenge

Student Shares After Completing Online Course: 21 Day Qigong Challenge for Beginners

Qigong has been a daily part of my life for almost 5 years now. I see the results on all levels. I really enjoyed this Qigong challenge over the last few weeks! I can't wait to do another one! Thank you.

Holly L Sheppard, LMT - Dallas, TX

August 30, 2022

Aurora Sheehan LMT shares after completing Live 15 CEU Workshop 8 Brocades with David J. Coon

a heartfelt thank you!

Student Shares After Completing Live 15 CEU Workshop in Asheville, NC

I feel such immense gratitude for your family and the space you all hold. It is evident in how tuned-in you all are. Even Bella is so obviously centered and well-poised inside herself at just 12 years old.
I just wanted to let you and David know how much I enjoyed the Qigong Workshop this past weekend. It was so refreshing to be reminded of how accessible health and vitality are when we simply bring our breath, intention, and energy to the body. There are many layers to my appreciation... and so much I could share.. but for now, I will simply say a heartfelt thank you! This really means more to me than you both could know... and I intend to follow this path with you all, for myself and humanity.
In Joy,


Aurora Seraphine, LMT, Certified Hypnotist, Sound Healer, Integrative Holistic Healing Practitioner- Fletcher, NC

August 24, 2022

Kai Baylis student of Qigong Awareness shares about Private Retreats, Live Workshops, Online Certification Program - Massage Therapist

True master. Like a real deal master!

Student Kai Shares after completing two Private Retreats with David J. Coon

I first met David through Live CEU Workshops for massage therapists, which was of great benefit. I quickly realized he was sharing something very potent. I chose next to take the Level 1 Qigong Instructor Certification Training Program. This took me to another level of personal integration. After witnessing some inner transformation of myself and those I’ve shared this art with, I opted to do private coaching calls and private retreats with David.

I can not express the potency and deep integration this has been for me. I was seeking safety in my own body (among other topics) as a woman in this world. I feel safe enough but also had this old story of not being safe. And frankly, I was mad about it. After working with David in only 2 private retreats, I have to say I have a DEEP sense of calm and knowing of safety I did not think was possible. David is a true master. Like a real deal master! If you are ready for a shift, get personal time and attention in a private retreat and bask in his vibration.

Kai Amanda Baylis, LMT - Raleigh, NC

Kai is a Qigong Instructor, Licensed Massage Therapist, Certified Tantric Yoga Instructor, and Raw Food and Cancer Coach. Visit her site - The Living Room

July 29, 2022

Tricia Miller LAc Acupuncturist and Student of Qigong Awareness Shares after taking Live 15 CEU Workshop Eight Brocades

…pure inspiration. Thank you!

Tricia shares after completing - Live 15 CEU Workshop - Medical Qigong & The Eight Brocades For Longevity

I get more out of Qigong Awareness CEU Workshops than ALL the CEU classes I've taken since 1987. David's knowledge and compassion are pure inspiration. Thank you!

Tricia Miller, LAc - Wilmington, NC

This Workshop also has an online version: Online 15 CEU Course - Medical Qigong & The Eight Brocades For Longevity


July 11, 2022