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Qigong Awareness, LLC student Anu Krishna shares after completing 21 Day Qigong Challenge

Non-intimidating for someone starting out

Student Shares After Completing 21 Day Qigong Challenge

What I liked about this 21-day challenge was that it was non-intimidating (time-wise and money-wise) for someone who is just starting out. What I gained out of the investment is the consistency to practice Qigong every day, besides seeing the benefits of those valuable 10 minutes. I feel more energetic, calmer, and a better resolve to be able to handle life's roller coaster ride. I also plan on incorporating them when I work with my clients coming in with anxiety, panic, and depression. We all deserve to be happy and healthy!

Thank you, David and Tanya, for creating such wonderful videos and spreading the goodness of Energy Sciences; a much-needed effort in the world order now.

Anu Krishna - Mind Coach, NLP Trainer, Healer - Bangalore, Karnataka, INDIA

June 20, 2023

Robert Branch LAc describes about Qigong as a way to stay healthy

Extremely powerful information taught with love..

Student Shares After Completing The Online Course: Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior

The highlight of this online Medical Qigong course for me was David’s lectures on spiritual ascension. He’s very inspirational.

Extremely powerful information taught with love and expertise.

Robert Branch, L.Ac, New York, NY

June 13, 2023

Jon Demel pictured demonstrating singing bowls. Student shares after completing Live Workshop with Qigong Awareness, LLC

I absolutely loved every minute..

Student Shares after completing Live Workshop in Westminster, CO - Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior - Calming The Heart & Mind

So many highlights! I really enjoy how succinct David was with complex spiritual concepts. This course has so greatly exceeded any and all expectations! I absolutely loved every minute of this weekend! Just Fantastic!

Jon Demel, Owner Pure Light Energy ~ Westminster, CO

May 24, 2023

Student Shares After Completing Medical Qigong & The Eight Brocades For Longevity Online 15 CEU Course with Qigong Awareness, LLC

…humanity as a whole needs this teaching.

Student Shares After Completing Online 15 CEU Course: Medical Qigong - Wei Qi For Greater Immunity

I feel humanity as a whole needs this teaching.

The world is chaotic and stressful at this time in history, and we all need to work on building immunity and cultivating compassion and understanding for each other and our planet.

David is a spiritual and medical inspiration for me, and I do my best to share his teaching with others.

Margie Parolisi LACTucson, Arizona

April 21, 2023

Erin Lavinsky, LAc is a student of Qigong Awareness, LLC. Gives testimonial upon completion of Distance Acupuncture Course with Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, LAc

so refreshing and energizing…

Student Shares after completing - Distance Acupuncture & How To Treat Needle Sensitive Patients

Thank you, Tanya, for your authenticity, your expertise, and for your healing distance treatment!

I already have been offering it, and it is so refreshing and energizing to take an actual course and see how others do it!

Erin Lavinsky, L.Ac. Laguna Beach, CA.

March 9, 2023

Tamara Graf shares about her ceu course she took

Best instruction I have had in my 27 years of practicing

Student Shares after completing Medical Qigong & The Eight Brocades For Longevity - 15 CEU Online Course

This was by far the best instruction I have had in my 27 years of practicing Chinese Medicine. I wish I had learned about David earlier! I love David's ability to share his integrative knowledge and wisdom from his studies and life experiences. I appreciate his ability to deliver the teachings to various levels of experience, beginning to advanced.

Very grateful for this opportunity to gain wisdom and CEU's all while having fun!

Tamara Graf L.Ac., Dipl. Ac., C.H. - Traverse City, Michigan

February 21, 2023

Spa oils displayed in bowls on a tray with flowers.

This course was creative and imaginative…

Student shares after completing Distance Acupuncture Online 2 CEU Course Part 2 with Instructor Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, LAc

This course was creative and imaginative and gave me some ideas about doing more intuitive and distance work.

Elaine Wagner, DC, LAC - Evanston IL

February 13, 2023

Elizabeth Marazita, DAOM, LAc - East Lansing, MI shares after completing Qigong Awareness Online 15 PDA CEU Course

Excellent course in alchemy…

Student Shares after completing Online CEU Course: Golden Dragon Medical Qigong Intensive: Reducing Acute & Chronic Inflammation

This was an excellent course in alchemy, clearing stagnant qi and how to encourage the smooth flow of qi. Thank you for sharing your story, skills, and teaching us all to pass on such an important part of wellness: Qigong.

Elizabeth Marazita, DAOM, LAc - East Lansing, MI

February 12, 2023

Scott Haslar student shares after completing Qigong Awareness 21 Day Qigong Challenge

Absolutely loved this twenty-one-day Qigong experience!

Absolutely loved this twenty-one day Qigong experience! I haven't always been kind to my body, physically or psychologically. An avid martial artist in my youth, this old body responded almost immediately to the flow and breathing David Coon teaches. Within days, I noticed the cumulative stress and body pains begin to relinquish. It is designed for anyone of any skill level. At this point, I can only imagine the future health benefits I will reap by adding this practice to my daily routine. You won't be disappointed.

Scott Haslar - Outer Banks, NC.

February 11, 2023

Danielle Lombardi student of Qigong Awareness Reducing Stress & Anxiety Course

I am deeply moved by the teaching.

One of the highlights of taking this Medical Qigong & Reducing Stress Course for me was reconnecting to Qigong, which was a huge part of my life for many years but had fallen out of my daily practice since I became a mom 5 years ago. Thank you so much!

I feel so grateful for this course. I am deeply moved by the teaching, the practices, and the insight. Thank you.

Danielle Lombardi, LAc, Portland OR

January 28, 2023