What is Qigong? What is Medical Qigong?

What is Qigong? What is Medical Qigong?


What is Qigong? Well it depends on who you ask. In general it is typically defined and translated from Chinese into English as “the skilled cultivation of universal life force” and universal life force is called Chi (Qi) in China and Ki in Japan and Korea and Prana in India.

There are over three thousand different styles of Qigong (pronounced chee- gung) and Tai Chi is the most popular style. There are only three hundred different styles of martial arts in comparison and of the three hundred there are only about half a dozen that most people have even heard of. With Qigong there are reportedly over ten times as many styles.

Most people consider Tai Chi a form of Qigong and Kung Fu in its more internal practices is also considered a style of Qigong often referred to as Shaolin Qigong. Tai Chi and Kung Fu practices are associated with both Qigong practices and Martial Arts. If one were to look at the movements and the applications of Tai Chi one would notice the movements are rooted in martial arts. With the Shaolin practices some look like martial arts movements and others look like breathing and stretching practices. Some call it China’s version of Yoga.

When most people think of Qigong though, they typically think of slow movements, breathing and stretching and this is also why so many seek its healing benefits. Unlike martial arts or even many Yoga styles, Qigong is typically much gentler on the body.

Another style of Qigong that is gaining a lot of popularity is Medical Qigong. Medical Qigong is a form of Qigong based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theories and practices. It is considered to be the Father of the more modern Acupuncture. It is used in China and in the United States and around the world as a form of advanced energy medicine. Despite its effectiveness and its advanced practices, it has roots dating back 5000 years.

Medical Qigong is used as a form of treatment, sometimes called “Acupuncture without Needles” and Medical Qigong exercises are offered to patients coming into the Chinese medicine-less hospitals as well as here in the U.S. typically in Acupuncture Clinics. Patients are given Qigong healing exercises to lower blood pressure, eliminate pain, improve digestion, develop better breathing habits and eliminate stress.

At Qigong Awareness LLC we teamed up with McKay Acupuncture in Wilmington, North Carolina to create a combination Acupuncture, Massage and Medical Qigong treatment center for a wide range of health challenges. We also provide our community and our patients with Qigong exercises, Meditation classes and Medical Qigong Group Healing Treatment Clinics.

Qigong Exercises can benefit certain conditions such as high blood pressure, fatigue, carpal tunnel, fertility issues, cancer support, back pain etc..

At Qigong Awareness LLC, we train people to become Certified Qigong Instructors as well as Certified Medical Qigong practitioners. Medical Qigong or what is often referred to as Medical Qigong Therapy requires a highly developed skill. It is an advanced art and mastering cannot be done overnight. Having said that, it is most profound when groups of beginners gather around the chair of someone who is in need of healing. The group begins to intend to send energy to the “patient.”Visible transformations begin to occur, people’s blood flow and temperature change and most people report a “wow factor.”

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