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Here at Qigong Awareness we offer online and live continuing education course units that meet NCBTMB requirements. Our online and live intensives are approved for 15 CEs by NCBTMB for Massage Therapists: David Coon is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider. ncbtmb_decals_BOARD_APPROVED

Professionals and Lay People are welcome to participate in both our online and live intensives. From Burlington to Montpelier and Newport, Vermont, Qigong Awareness offers affordable and high quality online Massage Therapist continuing education courses to help renew your license.

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Qigong Awareness is dedicated to providing quality education in Medical Qigong through accredited massage therapy continuing education courses. We provide online massage therapist CEU courses and live intensive CEU workshops.

David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master

Our workshops are taught by renowned Medical Qigong Master, David J. Coon. David has been teaching and lecturing around the country to both lay people and professionals about the healing power of Qigong for over 20 years. David’s Qigong practices are now being practiced around the world. They are simple, effective and can be practiced by anyone at any age. Professionals and Lay People are welcome to participate in both our online CEU courses and live intensive CEU courses.

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VIDEO TRANSCRIPTION – Simplify Your Massage with Medical Qigong, Conserve Energy and get CEU’s

Hi guys. David J. Coon with Qigong awareness. Did you know that you can simplify your massage techniques, use less energy and less effort with medical Qigong practices? You can. So medical Qigong is a primary form of medicine over in China, and it’s very much rooted in traditional Chinese medicine.

The heart, so to speak, or the epicenter of your health and well-being is actually in your gut. It’s actually in all of your organs, including the heart, but also some other primary and major organs, like the kidneys, the spleen, the liver. And medical Qigong is very much based and rooted in working with the organ systems.

And so for example, let’s say I gave an example in one of my other videos of a pain in the shoulder, a pain in the right shoulder, for example. You can work on somebody’s shoulder and massaging it for hours. You can do deep tissue, you do soft, light touch, you can do even do some acupuncture here if you’re an acupuncturist, but getting that to release can be challenging.

But if you have a deeper understanding of some of what’s going on energetically, for example, in that condition, you might actually treat the liver, that same right side, and you might bring energy to the liver, which, for you as a practitioner, actually would take about one-tenth of the effort, especially if you’re a massage therapist, one-tenth of the effort of what it would take you to normally try and treat that shoulder.

And you’re going to get significantly better results. Another example would be somebody who’s got pain in their left shoulder, and if you had an understanding of what was going on in the left shoulder, you might actually address what’s going on in their stomach.

And, by addressing what’s going on in the organ of the stomach and moving the chi around there a little bit, using, again, about one-tenth the energy you would normally use to try and massage the neck up here, you’re going to have that much greater result from your treatment and you’re going to use a whole lost less effort.

If you’re interested in learning more about medical Qigong and what it might contribute to your practice, go ahead and check out our website, at www.Q-I-G-O-N-G, that’s Thanks, guys, for tuning in.