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David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master, and Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, Licensed Acupuncturist, have created a Certified Qigong Instructor Training Program and a Certified Medical Qigong Practitioner Training Program. Our courses and programs are accredited by the NCCAOM, CA Acupuncture Board, Texas Acupuncture Board, Texas Medical Board, FL Acupuncture Board, and CEBroker. Qigong Awareness, LLC offers full weekend hands-on Live 15 CEU Workshops in Asheville, NC – Raleigh, NC, and Wilmington, NC. Qigong Awareness also offers Live 5 CEU Webinars to reduce stress, reduce anxiety, increase longevity, and improve immunity. Free events are also offered in a live webinar format. Recordings are available following each webinar.

Photo taken in Hawaii overlooking ocean with Qigong Awareness students practicing Qigong

Live CEU Workshops

Live CEU Workshops – Full Weekend Hands-On Workshops – Earn 15 CEUS!

Join David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master, for a 15-hour Workshop of the popular Eight Brocades. Medical Qigong & Eight Brocades For Longevity is a two-day Live Workshop where you will earn 15 CEUs if you are an Acupuncturist or Massage Therapists (Massage Therapists check our Approval Boards for your particular state).

With Instructor David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master

In this photo a laptop computer with a picture of instructor David J. Coon giving a Medical Qigong Treatment to a Workshop Participant

Live CEU Webinars

Live CEU Webinars – Five Hours – Earn 5 CEUS!

Join David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master, for a 5 hour live ceu webinar to reduce stress, increase longevity, and boost the immune system. Acupuncturists and Massage Therapists will earn 5 Live CEUs. Recordings will be available following the webinar.

With Instructor David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master

David J. Coon Medical Qigong Master Demonstrates Medical Qigong Exercise to student

Free Events

Free Events – Sponsored by Love Peace AMEN Foundation

Join David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master, for a free two-hour live webinar sponsored by The Love Peace AMEN Foundation. At this Free Event, you will learn Qigong Exercises and guided meditation to reduce stress, alleviate insomnia, and relieve pain.

With Instructor David J. Coon, Medical Qigong Master

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I am thrilled that you decided to offer live online qigong classes.

I just wanted to let you know that I am thrilled that you decided to offer live online qigong classes. I loved Thursday's class. Afterward, I felt the best I have felt in weeks!
Thank you!

Ericca Burke, LAc - Wilmington, NC April 11, 2020

Carole Valpone Nurse

I find the webinars so beneficial…

Dear David,

I would like to extend my sincere appreciation and genuine gratitude to you for running the weekly webinars. Tom and I have been doing the work. We have been doing the first webinar daily and now we’re doing the first and second webinar daily.

I feel with the energy going on in this world right now, it is so upside down. I feel; quite frankly, that with the negative energy... everything in the world is so stagnant right now. We have to step up and take control and, in your words “be the change that we want to see in the world.” Therefore, I find the webinars so beneficial for all of us. "

Carole Valpone, Nurse - Toms River, NJ April 22, 2020

Joseph Rockman Acupuncturist

I love taking these online Qigong classes

Student Shares After Completing Level II - Qigong Instructor Training Program

I love taking these online Qigong classes. I finally got to see David’s teaching style in action, and now I don’t have to worry about memorizing the sets because I can take another class and enjoy it like a student. Plus, I feel great after each class for a few days. I always wanted to ask you guys if you would do an online class like this, so thanks for making my wishes come true. It also helps me with Teaching Weekly Qigong Classes for my Level III Qigong Awareness Certification Program.

Joseph Rockman - Long Beach, NY - Channel Qi Acupuncture

Joseph Rockman, LAc - New York May 6, 2020

Lorinda Morimoto

I have renewed energy to bring to the people I serve. 

Thank you. I’ve enjoyed and benefited so much from this Peaceful Warrior Webinar Series and look forward to the next part. Even though I’m 72 I have no plans to retire any time soon. I’m getting prepared to reopen my practice after having to close both because of Dept. of Health mandate and because I have been recovering from coronavirus. I have renewed energy to bring to the people I serve.

Be well.

Lorinda Morimoto, LAc - Groton, MA June 15, 2020

The techniques were so effective in my practice I decided to take it to the next level and become one of their certified instructors.

Master David J. Coon and Tanya Mei-Tai Coon, LAc. provide highly educational and informative platform that not only enhances one's 'medicine bag' for patients and clients but for oneself as well. This course, as do the other courses offered by Qigong Awareness, provide a class that not only allows beginners to feel comfortable learning and trying something new but challenges those who are more experienced to take Qigong and its healing effects to the next level. The techniques were so effective in my practice I decided to take it to the next level and become one of their certified instructors.

Winifred Boyd MS, Dipl.LAc, RM, QI 50 - Westbury, NY August 6, 2020

It left me hungry for more.

Rose shares after completing Part 1: The Peaceful Warrior  - Live Webinar...

This webinar was both informative and inspirational. It left me hungry for more.
The teaching style was delightfully relaxed and relaxing.

Rose Larsen, LAc - Newport Beach, CA August 18, 2020

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Medical Qigong has so many levels of awareness…

Student Participated in Medical Qigong For The Peaceful Warrior - Live Webinar. Medical Qigong has so many levels of awareness and proficiency.
I feel so fortunate that I found David Coon to be my guide through this process.

Rose Larsen, L.Ac - Newport Beach, CA November 16, 2020

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you will feel empowered by his teachings

Student shares about taking Live 5 CEU Medical Qigong Webinar - May 1, 2021
As the saying goes, when the student is ready the teacher arrives... I was ready and David arrived! I have taken many classes now with David and have had the privilege of his generous wisdom when I was most in need.
Pay very close attention because everything he says and I mean every word, is gold. His every word and movement is intentional, and has layers of meaning behind it, he is always ten steps ahead but knows exactly where to take you and how ready you are to go there. He is always laying the groundwork for the next level whether you know it or not. He is a genuine Master that operates from the heart, if you have a pulse, these offerings and his teachings are for you, especially if you are a practitioner ready to take your practice to the next level. He’s a true gift to the community and you will feel empowered by his teachings not to mention very lucky to have found such a Teacher to learn from, his Qi knows no bounds of time and space - you can feel the power in person, over zoom too, or if you are a part of the monthly long distance healing - YOU WILL FEEL IT!

May 5, 2021

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needed in the time that we are living in

Student Jill Dedera shares about her experience in taking the Live 5 CEU Webinar - Medical Qigong For Reducing Stress & Anxiety - May 1, 2021 (This webinar is now available as a 15 CEU Online Course)

David's Qigong classes are always so informative and beneficial for myself and those that I treat in my practice. The Medical Qigong for stress and anxiety is a prescription that is needed in the time that we are living in.  Exhale!

Jill Dedera, L.Ac - Flagstaff AZ



May 5, 2021

Tammy Mullins, LACs, student of Qigong Awareness, LLC shares about her experience taking webinars, workshops, and classes with David J. Coon

David is a game-changer…

Student Shares After Completing: Live 5 CEU Webinar: Medical Qigong & The Eight Brocades For Longevity

Whatever the alchemy was that drew me to David as my Master - I’m ever so grateful.
It appears as though he sees your soul because he has the ability to always have just the perfect thing to say at just the perfect time.
I’ve stopped wondering how he does it and I have just accepted that he is so far ahead of me. He already knows where I’m going and more importantly where he knows I need to go. I just accept and move in that direction trying to take in all the knowledge he shares. I also implement the practices that he knows works, through his own experience.
It’s been years now that I’ve taken his classes and been the lucky recipient. Many many times his wisdom has helped me when I needed it most.
He is most generous with his years of accumulated knowledge.
I also often refer to his book - and keep it with me at all times. His book is loaded with practical places to start changing your life. He doesn’t just teach Qigong moves. He explains why you’re doing these moves and how it benefits you physically and spiritually - he has reasons for everything.
David is a game-changer - he’s a Master who truly lives what he teaches, count yourself very lucky if you found his courses, his CEU’s, his book, his monthly long-distance healing, or youtube instructional videos - then take a deep dive on what he teaches, because he speaks the truth.

July 11, 2021