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Transformational Healing

Maureen, Boulder CO

“David guides the healing process on every level—spiritual, physical, emotional, psychological. The healing is sometimes dramatic, sometimes quiet and incremental, but always powerful. He’s helped my 20-year-old daughter cope with anxiety, physical complaints, relationships, and other challenges of youth, and he’s helped me deal with stress, loss, and other challenges of aging. Whether you have a specific health issue or undefined concerns about your life’s direction, David is a healer for all seasons, I highly recommend him.”

Maureen, Boulder CO
Sharon, Boulder CO

“I first met David in 2003 when I was studying to become a massage therapist. I decided to attend an Energy Workshop that David was teaching. It was from that day forward that my life changed. At the workshop, I witnessed so many profound, undeniable healings and transformations as I watched David move and manipulate energy as if it were something malleable. I had a chance to experience a short 10 minute hands on session myself, I became aware of so many emotions and holding patterns in my body that were being unearthed and brought to the surface to be released. When the session was finished I felt completely altered, calmer, clearer and in less pain.”

Sharon, Boulder CO