June 5, 2018

Qigong and David Coon have dramatically changed my life. Anyone that knows me can testify to how much I’ve battered my body the last 25 years. 6 years ago I had brain surgery to remove a benign tumor from behind my left ear. They severed my acoustic nerve to remove it and nicking my optic nerve leaving me completely deaf on the left side as well as extremely light sensitive. I’ve had balance and seizure like episodes ever since. After multiple injuries (a 3rd left knee ACL replacement, bent sacrum, separated right shoulder, torn pelvic tendons and stem cell injections, to name a few) and multiple family deaths (including my father and later followed by my young nephews in a tragic house fire) I came to David defeated, both physically and mentally. I was a volatile, crumpled ball of intense energy and anger, spiraling in a deep, dark place, who was ready to implode at any time.

Since mid-August, 2017, Qigong and David have helped me become an entirely different person. My balance has returned and I’m able to move around relatively pain free. I couldn’t walk two blocks before and can hike a few miles now. My anxiety has dropped significantly, from totally spun out 110% to relatively calm currently, I’ll give it 35% with a few spikes. My anger issues have peacefully been dissolving leaving much more forgiveness and care. Most importantly, I’m beginning to find my heart which is buried deep in the rocks surrounding it. I will forever be grateful for David and his teachings through Qigong Awareness. It’s unbelievable how far I’ve come as a person in such a short period of time. I’m excited for further advancements! Thank you David!!